Trump, Not Sanders, Is the Real Citizenist

Repeatedly, Sanders has defended corporate-owned Hillary over self-funded Trump. Sanders claims to stand for the average American, to be the real Citizenist; and yet he supports Hillary.

You won’t find Trump selling out like that. Both men agree in some key areas, but Sanders seems more interested in supporting Hillary than with any actual issues.

Trump and Sanders:

*Both men have criticised the Likud-like US foreign policy. Sanders admittedly has gone further here, but Trump is clearly better than Hillary on foreign policy. Yet, Sanders chooses to support war criminal Hillary rather than defeat-ISIS-and-exit Trump.

*Both men have called for an America-First trade policy. And the Presidency now wields considerable powers over trade. Yet, Sanders chooses to support free traitor Hillary.

* Both men have demanded reduced immigration in order to improve wages. Yet again, Sanders can only attack Trump, support open-borders Hillary.

The conclusion: Bernie Sanders is owned by Wall Street. Sanders preaches almost distributist-like positions, such as a demand for a living wage, sounding almost like Pat Buchanan. And yet, Sanders cannot walk-the-walk, insists on supporting Hillary.

The disagreements Sanders has with Trump are minor in the overall picture.

Why do corporations always win? Because of this stupid Left vs. Right divide. Americans of all races, faiths, and ideologies should unite behind Donald Trump, the strongest voice for Citizenist values.

Citizenism defined (Steve Sailer):

If you want to win at American politics, you need a moral theory. Fortunately, there is a concept that is both more practical and more attractive to American idealism than either liberal “multiculturalism” or neoconservative “propositionism.” I call it “citizenism” because it affirms that true patriots and idealists are willing to make sacrifices for the overall good of their fellow American citizens rather than for the advantage of either six billion foreigners or of the special interests within our own country. The notion is sensible, its appeal broad. Yet it has seldom been explicitly articulated.

Sanders pretends to support just this; Trump actually does.

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