The Antikythera Mechanism: 2000 Year Old “Computer” Discovered

From TechRepublic:

Thought to have been built at the end of the second century BCE, the Antikythera mechanism is considered the first programmable computer. Thanks to an intricate series of gears and dials, the mechanism could be used as a calendar, to track the phases of the moon, and to predict eclipses. It’s an object out of time: no other artefact as complex was built during the thousand years after the mechanism’s creation—that we know of.

The Antikythera mechanism was named after the shipwreck on which it was discovered. Having sunk to the bottom of the sea in the first century BCE taking the mechanism with it, the shipwreck lay undisturbed until 1900, when a group of Greek sponge divers discovered it and began bringing its treasures to the surface.

It’s in vogue nowadays to look on ancestors with disdain, to portray later generations as higher “evolutions” (technologically, culturally, and genetically), however discoveries like this help correct the record, defy the Darwinists. Similarly, archaeologists often comment how the most recent stratas are often not the most advanced, when studying an historical site.

Ancestors deserve respect, and hopefully with this discovery fewer will become bland secular humanist individualists who neglect ancestors and dream of producing “superior” offspring. The conservative honors ancestors and honors God, and some of our ancestors were more than barbarians.

1 thought on “The Antikythera Mechanism: 2000 Year Old “Computer” Discovered

  1. roho

    Weaver……………………..Always an interesting subject, these technologies predating the normal thinking of their proposed origins. It amazes me how much we get charged with “Conspiracy Thinking” if we have machinist, welding, or engineering backgrounds, that dispute a civilizations capabilities, without OUTSIDE intervention……..Ha-Ha!

    With a background in both welding and the steel industry, I can’t believe so many people think that planes brought down the Twin Towers?………Or a Plane hit the Pentagon and vaporized?………Or Inca stone chippers can bore perfect circles, cut dove tails, and place large stones within thousanths of an inch?……………………LOL!

    We sometimes give anchient civilizations credit for others work.



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