6 thoughts on “Larry the Cable Guy Endorses Trump!

  1. roho

    Larry’s getting rich playing STUPID!

    Who cares what he thinks?………………..Fox is getting RICH convincing idiots that they are conservative.!

    Best example is the War in Syria for dummies?

    The largest pool of oil ever discovered in the world has been found in the “GOLAN HEIGHTS” of Syria?……….Occupied by Israel after the 1967 six day war, Israel claims this land, in spite of the United Nations saying “Hell No, it belongs to Syria!”………But, this new pool of OIL is larger than anything ever seen?………HUGE!………..Why does it matter?

    It was discovered by “GENIE ENERGY LTD” of New Jersey, working for the Israeli Govnt……Who are the primary invester/consultants?

    1. Dick Cheney.
    2. James Woolsey(Former Cia Director).
    3.Bill Richardson.
    4. Richard Murdoch (Present owner of News Corp that owns Fox News.)
    5. Lord Jacob Rothshild.

    This is a proxi war between the US and Russia over Oil!……………OIL!

    The Golan Heights is easily the start of WWIII.

    All TV is Propaganda, and SYRIA is the most propagandized area in history!

    TERRORISM is bullshit side attraction?


    If it don’t work, google it?………There is plenty of info.


  2. weavercht

    What amazes me is how libertarians continue to view Trump skeptically. Just whom do they believe better?

    I cannot comprehend what Justin Raimondo fears in Trump that he didn’t see in Buchanan. If anything, Trump is *more moderate* than Buchanan, certainly on issues of race and religion.


  3. weavercht

    I just finished talking with some childhood friends:

    The problem American conservatives have is they’ve watched propaganda for years.

    2 varieties of propaganda are generally dangerous for conservatives:
    1. Neoconservative, that tells them about America’s grand empire and how it benefits America, safe-guards trade.
    2. Libertarian, that tells them how government is to blame for everything, how the free market is always good, how government, all government, is bad.

    It’s just impossible to free Americans from years of such brainwashing.


  4. roho


    Your right. the US likes for Americans to stay so busy that they can rest their critical thinking skill, and allow some personality to think for them……..EXAMPLE:

    1. I’m so busy at work that I have no time to read my own Bible, and instead depend on my Minister to tell me what’s in it.

    2. I’m so busy with my daughter’s girl scouts, job, and dance classes, that I have to depend on Sean Hannity to tell me what’s going on.

    It goes on and on. Sometimes one has to be laid up in the hospital for about a week to simply clear their mind? (And Big Government knows this, which is why they will never support a 4 day work week.)



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