Jack Hunter Prostrates Himself Before the Gods of Political Correctness … Again

Jack Hunter prostrates himself before the gods of political correctness once again. This time at the Daily Beast. Why there and not at his own Rare? So all the right people will see it and know just how sorry he is for all his past transgressions against rightthink?

After Jack’s first mea culpa, I wrote a long and measured article in rebuttal, but it was lost at the old site. I just don’t have the energy to do it again. I will say that this article is so craven that it makes me wonder if Jack has gotten wind of a new attack, or he just fears one in the hysteria following the Charleston shooting, especially since he was based out of Charleston.

7 thoughts on “Jack Hunter Prostrates Himself Before the Gods of Political Correctness … Again

  1. authorklsilver

    Fuck off you petrified, small-minded, ego-driven, back woods ignoramus. Your fear is almost palpable. You’re in the minority – more and more every day – and you know it.
    You’d think that the slave owners and their descendants would be the MOST ashamed of that black period in history – but NOOOOO – they’re still petrified, small minded, ego-driven, back woods ignoramuses – just like you.
    Jack’s got more intelligence and compassion in his little finger than you and your racist cronies will ever have.
    Only REAL men can apologize and admit they were DEAD wrong.


  2. Richard Channing

    If Jack Hunter wants to see horrors he should go into any black neighborhood in America. Good luck getting out of there. A flag is not a horror in any shape, matter, or form.


  3. roho

    We Baby Boomers tend to forget that both Generation X and Millinials have seen very little history?…….They have no idea what it was like to ride a bicycle without a helmet?…..Walk to school in safety?……Or even understand that their is only 3 channels on TV?

    They can’t even climb a tree on the playground for fear of dieing! …………LOL!

    They know NOTHING ABOUT AMERICA!………..They are the SISSY GENERATION!………Afraid that even the SUN will give them skin cancer?



  4. weavercht


    and there’s no fighting. If a fight does break out, the children in the fight have no sense of morals, because they have no sense of faith or civilisation. At best they’ll have been indoctrinated to believe that it’s best not to fight, but there’s no basis for that belief.

    So, if your child is in a fight; not only will the cops be called, but he might have been made to stomp the concrete. He won’t come home with just a few bruises.

    The previous generation was overly trusting. Government and corporate strangers took advantage. Hopefully the current generation learns not to trust strangers so readily.


  5. redphillips Post author

    Authorklsilver, if I was so frightened why did I approve your profanity laced comment. (Real classy.) I fear for the future for my children who may have to grow up in a country turned into a hellhole by Cultural Marxists, but I don’t fear Jack or you or any of the rest of the Rightthink Gestapo. I have been fighting this battle for years, and I know my stuff, despite you declaring me ignorant without even knowing me. I can assure you that one thing I am not is ignorant. I am more than prepared to defend my position, and I will gladly debate you or Jack or whoever. In fact, if I was going to debate someone a good way to bone up would be to listen to Jack’s old stuff.

    Your link shows you having a blog, but the link didn’t work for me. If you have a blog, perhaps that would be a good place to debate this. If you’ve got it in you, bring it on.



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