May Day is International Workers’ Day

Today, the left is demonstrating, as the left has done on this otherwise pretty day for — well, a long time. Here are two of the left’s demands:

End militarization of the border & police departments

Legalization, not deportations

In other words, the left wants millions more poor, exploitable workers in this country who will depress wages and working conditions, while taking jobs from American blacks — the same thing George Soros and the Koch Brothers want.

President-elect Obama promised that he would work to build consensus between those who’ve historically fought each other. His hope was that “we’ll be able to move together effectively as a team.” By golly, I’d say he’s done it.

6 thoughts on “May Day is International Workers’ Day

  1. roho

    I’m embarrassed to admit that in 1964, my 6th grade class dressed in George Washington attire (With powdered wigs) and danced around the flag pole on May 1……….We had no idea other than why our teachers told us why we were doing it?……LOL!

    As we dumb down our culture, allowing the unqualified to have jobs, creating more profits for wall street, we will have more of the F-35 Turkey Planes to look at………Why?

    APS trial: 11 of 12 Convicted Of Racketeering (Atlanta School Teachers Passing And Changing Grades).

    PC Affirmative Action is going to get us all killed.

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  2. roho

    Mike…………………….All the Colonial Williamsburg Clothing, we assumed it had something to do with the founding fathers??………………..LOL!


  3. weavercht

    What did Francis say about bipartisanship? Occasionally the two get together to do something that’s both Evil and Stupid. This they call bipartisanship, lol.

    The Billionaire Boys’ Club also seems to want transnational polities or just general globalism.

    I believe the third positionists / distributists are correct that this is the natural direction of unfettered capitalism. Big business naturally pursues monopoly and seeks to expand. It’s a force of change and centralisation. It not only leads to a proletariat, but it creates a wealth gap.

    Then the goal of “Socialists” is to exploit that wealth gap, to use it to come to power. So, Socialists/Marxists what-have-you rely upon Capitalism to pave the way for Leviathan.


  4. roho

    Weaver………………….Your right. I spent most of my life thinking that Political Parties were the conflict of Government, only to realize late in life that the conflict of the actual world is and has always been the conflict between capitalism and socialism. I bought in hook, line, and sinker on Reagan’s “Trickle Down Economics”……..LOL!……..Exploitation of human resources by the elite, has risen to an art form. Banking Laws, Monopoly Laws, Truth In Advertising Laws, etc, protected us for awhile, until they were able to remove them.



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