Is Rand Paul Going to Announce in Front of an Aircraft Carrier

I don’t think this is official, but rumor has it Rand Paul is going to make his Presidential campaign announcement in front of an aircraft carrier. I’m sure that will sway his skeptics. Rand might as well put on a red nose and big shoes, because he is making a clown out of himself.

2 thoughts on “Is Rand Paul Going to Announce in Front of an Aircraft Carrier

  1. Mike

    Remember what happened to Michael Corleone, the “idealist” of the Corleone family, once he got involved with the family business? He was as ruthless as any of them.

    Rand Paul is smart enough to grasp what the DC family business is, and that’s perpetual war. He has to support it if he wants to take a leadership position.


  2. roho

    Mike……….I’ve bout decided that all of this Tea Party crap was nothing more than Neocon/Gop driven controlled opposition theatrics for the mindless voter………….stealing the original movement from Ron Paul?

    Look at this Bio on Ted Cruz…….Does this look like anything other than an entrenched GOP/NEOCON out of the Houston Oil Party?………..With a wife in place at Goldman Sachs?……I had noooooo idea how the credentials of this “Oil Town” boy added up? The more I read, the more my lower jaw dropped!…….He ain’t no strugeling freshman senator, but a well groomed soldier for special interests.

    “Why Did Ted Cruz Refuse To Disclose How Much His Wife – A VP AT Goldman Sachs Makes?”

    Teds Awesome Bio:

    Got to read the entire Bio……….It never slows down?…..He even clerked for “Renquist”.



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