Message to Americans: Resistance is Futile

The oh-so-politically correct Charlotte Observer just published an op-ed by two members of the Charlotte Immigration Integration Task Force. Stefan Latorre and Emily Zimmern co-authored the piece, entitled Charlotte, start now integrating immigrants. The message is direct: The Charlotte region is undergoing “seismic demographic shifts” which “translate into a time of dramatic change.”

Can’t argue that point — history is full of examples of the dramatic changes resulting from demographic shifts, including Lebanon, Kosovo, and Tibet.

But Latorre and Zimmern assure us that the seismic demographic shift heading our way will bring nothing but prosperity. That shift is inevitable anyway, so we might as well enjoy it.

Co-author Stefan Latorre will certainly benefit from more mass migration from Latin America. He’s an immigration attorney born in Colombia and raised in Miami. He now has law offices in Charlotte; Monroe; Hickory; Greensboro; Columbia, South Carolina; and Jacksonville, Florida. So we know his views are not only well-informed, but totally without bias.

Emily Zimmern is the executive director of the Levine Museum of the No New South. She’s also held leadership positions in the United Jewish Appeal. Interestingly, the UJA does not believe in open borders for Israel. In fact, it is dedicated to preserving Israel as a Jewish state, even if that involves the blockade and military assault on Gaza. The United Jewish Appeal’s stance is so rigid, it’s angered Jews who reject Israel’s harsh measures:

Members of Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) gathered outside the offices of the United Jewish Appeal-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies in New York today, criticizing the group’s support for Israel’s policy towards Gaza, including the blockade of the coastal territory and the ongoing military assault. …

The JVP petition is also addressed to Jerry Silverman, the head of the umbrella group Jewish Federations of North America, which UJA is a part of. But when JVP members tried to set up a meeting with Silverman last week, the Federations had a blunt message: there would be no in-person meeting. The umbrella group said they refuse to be in “direct communication” with JVP.

“Your ongoing support for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel render any kind of direct communication, beyond this email, impossible,” said Federations’ Managing Director of Communications Rebecca Dinar in an e-mail to JVP. “If you alter those tactics, accept Israel as a Jewish State and explicitly condemned BDS we would be open to arranging a meeting.”

I have no problem with Zimmern or anyone else defending Israel’s right to protect its identity. But the hypocrisy and self-promotion of the co-authors of the Observer piece is troublesome.

10 thoughts on “Message to Americans: Resistance is Futile

  1. roho

    “Beam me up Scotty!…..All of these Klingons look alike!”

    Just a little bit of digging always reveals the hypocracy of Zionism in diversity and multiculturalism. Poor Charlotte…………Check out the low key migration of Dothan Alabama?

    “You Can Pay Jews To Live In Dothan Alabama. But Will They Stay?”

    I loved the Kosher comments……..Obviously, all “Tiny Kingdoms” (Mt. Brook Alabama) are not utopia?

    I couldn’t resist this one:

    “Dear White People”.


  2. Mike Post author


    Very true. Competition for water has led to quite a few struggles throughout history. If things are as dire in California as the media says — and that’s always doubtful — it could create a surge of migrants into other areas. And as noted in the above post, sudden migrations upset the balance of power, leading to civil disorder.

    My, what interesting times we live in …


  3. RonL

    I take a few weeks off and I come across this sillyness. Mike, you need to do a lot more research. The UJA supports importing people to America who don’t like Jews or Israel (Hispanic, Africans). Heck, they are protectors of CAIR. And regarding their purported Zionism, they are major funders of the anti-Israel hit squad known as the New Israel fund
    They also opened the Israeli parade in NYC to anti-Israel groups
    Heck, the president of the UJA is a supporter of the South Africanization of Israel with the BDS campaign

    Mike maybe you should read conservative samizdat on a subject before writting your own. In fact if you are going to cite leftist anti-Israel anti-nationalist sites, perhaps you should look at right wing nationalist sites, if you are going to pretend to be a conservative. You owe the readers of this site and apology


    1. Mike Post author


      Not sure why you’re hyperventilating over this. My argument was:

      1 – Latorre and Zimmern support unlimited immigration to America (It’s good for you, y’ see?)

      2 – Both oppose immigration to Israel

      3 – Therefore, Latorre and Zimmern are hypocrites.

      I stand by my facts, my reasoning, and my conclusion.


  4. RonL

    What happened to my comment showing that the UJA is hardly a Zionist organization these days, and castigating Mike for relying of LEFTIST anti-nationalist sources?


  5. RonL

    Mike, where is your evidence that either oppose non-Jewish immigration to Israel? You have provided no evidence of this.


    1. Mike Post author

      From the article at the end of my post: “If you alter those tactics, accept Israel as a Jewish State and explicitly condemned BDS we would be open to arranging a meeting.” – See more at:

      There’s only one way to maintain Israel as a Jewish state, and that is through the tough deportation measures currently being practiced. Again, I agree with Israel’s right to do this. But we have the same right.



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