@MattPurple vs @jimantle on @SenRandPaul Signing the Cotton Iran Letter

In the pages of Rare. Rare, edited by Jack Hunter, is clearly in the tank for Rand Paul, so I’m a bit surprised they allowed Purple’s dissent to be aired.

Antle says it doesn’t matter much, and was a politically expedient move under the circumstances. Purple says it was a “step too far.” I say it makes him look weak and empowers the enemy by letting them know he fears them.

2 thoughts on “@MattPurple vs @jimantle on @SenRandPaul Signing the Cotton Iran Letter

  1. weavercht

    We’re better off with a Democrat then. These Republicans are just war-powers-owned.

    Btw, did you see that Russians think negatively of the US now, more than ever?

    And did you see Putin was exonerated, a Muslim was found to be the culprit in the high-profile killing? I realise the possibility remains that the truth is something else, but I found it interesting.

    The EU wants a military, and the US is moving towards “cyber terrorism” as being a greater threat than regular terrorism, meaning greater internet regulation.

    1984. Doom. And also gloom. I’m more worried about the EU’s continued existence than I am war with Russia, which to me just seems absurd no matter how many arms/training/troops the US and Russia send in.



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