Obama’s Keystone XL Pipeline Veto

Would someone please explain to me why the Keystone XL pipeline is a national issue that has to be voted on by Congress? If it makes free market sense, then buy the land and build it. What is the federal issue?

I posted the above as my Facebook status. I was actually jabbing left and right with my comment, but I’m not sure my intent was fully understood. What is in the actual legislation they are voting on? I don’t think it is invoking eminent domain at this point. As best as I can tell it is bypassing typical “state department” environmental analysis which is required because it crosses a national border. My point is that conservatives are getting worked up because the President vetoed the bill, but what they should be concerned about is that a bill is necessary to begin with. Building oil pipelines should not be a federal issue. I don’t deny the importance of environmental concerns, but environmental concerns should be handled at the state level because the EPA is not a Constitutionally authorized federal function.

3 thoughts on “Obama’s Keystone XL Pipeline Veto

  1. weavercht

    Canadian oil sands are high pollution, However, even Europe is fine with burning it. If Keystone is not passed, Canada is considering two alternative pipelines, one running east and one west – both through Canada not the US. So, a pipeline will be built.

    A billionaire donor in California opposes the Keystone pipeline, and Warren Buffett is also a billionaire Democrat supporter. Some suspect Buffett has a profit motive here since he owns a rail company. I don’t know of any hard evidence.

    If oil is not transported by pipe, it is transported by rail. And rail is not only more dangerous and more costly but also more polluting. There was a recent crash involving the latest safe train cars, suggesting current standards are still not high enough. Standards have continued to improve after so many deadly rail crashes.

    Some theorise Obama wants high oil prices to encourage alternative energy development. However, the warring, mass immigration, and “free trade” Obama has pushed are all 3 highly polluting, as well as expensive.

    I expect there are profit motives and interest groups behind the Keystone battle.

    In truth if anyone actually cared for the environment, he’d do the opposite of Obama’s policies (war, immigration, trade (transit pollutes), Obamacare (expensive)) and use the savings for research into solar panels and batteries. $2 trillion has been dumped in Iraq thusfar, and only ISIS has resulted. Obama was heralded as an anti-war candidate, yet he’s continued essentially the same major policies as Bush.

    An addition: Venezuela produces similar oil to what Canada is producing. So, Venezuela is a loser, as I understand, because there is limited global refinery capacity for heavy crude. The capacity seems to be in the US Gulf: VLO and MPC.

    I doubt Obama cares much for Venezuela though.


  2. roho

    Interstate Commerce.

    I perceive there to be three primary political machines in the US in conflict.
    1. Houston-Oil
    2. Chicago-Communism
    3. New York-Israel

    Like NAFTA, just one more project to make the North American State one big happy family. There is not an oil shortage, but a RIFINERY shortage. After completion, it will only employ 35 full time employees, and the oil will leave here headed to other parts of the world. (Like our coal.) Inventers in the past that created automobiles that run 75 mph on water, tea, salt water, urine, etc, have been far to suppressed. It’s all about Wall Street, never the US Citizen.


    1. weavercht

      There’s excess global refinery capacity. Capacity is just near full in the US.

      There are different oil types though. A refinery has to be set up for the type of crude oil, or oil blend, it receives.

      This is an excellent Rohoism: “Inventors in the past that created automobiles that run 75 mph on water, tea, salt water, urine, etc, have been far to suppressed.”



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