The Paleo Diet as a Revolt Against the Modern World

At traditionalRIGHT:

What makes the Paleo diet different is that it isn’t just a diet — it’s part of a lifestyle, and a revolutionary one at that. The Paleo rallying cry is that the artificial, top-down, and shrink-wrapped environment we’ve been conned into accepting is killing us. The good news is that we can free ourselves and live healthier, longer lives by taking responsibility for our health and survival.

However, judging from discussions and articles I’ve seen on pro-Paleo sites, many who think they’re living the Paleo life don’t understand the vital importance of physical fitness. And many more still depend exclusively on technology — firearms — for self-defense. I’d like to propose a pro-Paleo regimen that fills in these gaps.

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10 thoughts on “The Paleo Diet as a Revolt Against the Modern World

  1. roho

    Good article……………As a Baby Boomer, I chose sports in my early life that I would never use again…..Duh…….Baseball, football, basketball, etc. Were I able to relive those decisions, my interest would be sports that one could utilize throughout life. (MMA, Tennis, Golf, Archery, etc.)

    Most likely, I would have had more control over my seasons as well, without some High School Coach defining my time so much? I watched some students get involved with scuba diving, snow sports, and learning musical instruments, thinking that maybe their plans were wrong. Obviously, they can carry these passions late into life.

    On a positive note, I still enjoy, hunting, fishing, and the table fare of wild game. And, I have returned to bicycling as an adult.


  2. Mike Post author


    Folks who’ve never harvested their own food, either in a garden or in the wild, don’t know what they’re missing. It gives a spiritual element to the food they enjoy.


  3. weavercht

    Excellent proposal. Mike, you seem to somewhat apply the ideal to your own life, and that’s wonderful.

    A guy needn’t have a six pack, though if you cut out the excess carbs (sugar!), you get in pretty good shape with a few daily push ups, situps, pull ups – the basics anyone can work into his routine. Shoulder exercises and something for legs seems necessary as well, but you can do all that in 10minutes daily.

    Many of us today are overly sedentary. For weight though, in my experience, you can eat all the meat you want if you just cut out the sugar. For carbs, brown rice, beans, oats: eat all you want if there’s no sugar.

    Sugar’s bad for the teeth too. It’s just bad in general. The trick seems to be finding enough flavour variation to not get bored of healthy eating. Without sugar, modern foods tend to be bland. Fruit is good too.


  4. Kirt Higdon

    The article has many good tips and I would say that I follow most of it myself. But a diet and exercise routine should not be over-valued or treated as an ideology or part of an ideology. Far from being anti-modern, an obsession with physical fitness and diet is quite modern and the result of the mechanization of work.


    1. weavercht

      “[A]n obsession with physical fitness and diet is quite modern and the result of the mechanization of work”

      It’s a means of adapting to the modern world, rejecting a component of it, the food we find around us.

      The modern world is highly interconnected and specialised. This is partly why we have this capitalism vs. socialism debate: right-libertarians tend to dream of a less interconnected, smaller society where charity occurs without the need for the state. I realise some think otherwise, but to me the debate seems between two different societies: the larger and more interconnected the society, the more the state is seen as necessary to help the weak. And in a large, urban, interconnected society, residents are less likely to want guns. They instead rely on the police. In Alaska, however, guns are likely a necessity. A “Leftist” is likely just fine with being a cog in the machine, at the mercy of a far-off elite and looking forward to future technological advancements; a “Rightist” mistrusts the machine, believes man is a social being but better suited to a smaller society, perhaps a more Luddite society as well.

      The extreme anti-modern position is a peasant family that produces much of what it needs on its own or a small community that does such. It’s right to pursue good health and strength. With strength, one can protect what he cares for, has the option of choosing good or evil. Without strength, one is at the mercy of others.

      Obsessing over appearance, sex, pleasure are probably unnatural unless done as a couple, man and wife, together. The individual’s sexual romp and pleasure seeking is modern and unhealthy. And vanity from one’s appearance is especially unnatural for a man, I’d say.


    2. weavercht

      It’s amusing to me that, at another blog, a poster is arguing that bondage can be necessary to fulfill a wife’s desires.

      Who would even think of bondage to begin with is beyond me. Anyway, moderns like their weird sexual adventures.


  5. Mike Post author

    Kirt Higdon,

    We’re living in an age where the natural world is viewed as mere raw material to be conquered and exploited. The physical is disdained to the point where any appeal to the value of the organic and historical is savagely attacked as obscurantist and “racist.” So we’re supposed to believe that pride of ancestry is wrong, and that one’s “gender” has NOTHING to do with biology, and everything to do with one’s subjective choice.

    So, yes, I do see the cultivation of the physical, the tradition of striving for a sound mind in a healthy body, as a revolt against this decrepit modern age.


  6. roho

    I would challenge younger people to listen to their body………and not the commercials of large agribusinesses in America. For enough money, any agency in the US can be bought. Pay attention to how your body reacts from the time a food product enters your system until it exits? Scientist will lie to protect their livelihood. Try wild game and see how well your digestive track enjoys it, vs ground beef from the grocery store? Everyone knows that a home grown, vine ripe tomato, tastes far superior to a grocery tomato. Notice how within about one and a half hours after consuming that combo #3 at the fast food joint, a small amount of nausea sets in. See the difference in enriched white bread and homemade southern cornbread?

    Your body will tell you.


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