The Clinton Sexual Assault List

Guess where I found the link to this Way Back Machine retrieved article listing Bill Clinton’s alleged victims of sexual assault and rape. On Roger Stone’s Facebook page. I told you I was really starting to like that guy. OK, Cosby hounds, you can get started with this list now.

19 thoughts on “The Clinton Sexual Assault List

  1. roho

    X 10…………….That we don’t know about?………But, the MURDERS should actually be the focus.

    The sexual assaults have always been the smokescreen. Imagine the crash of Air Force One with Ron Brown, never in history being investigated by the FAA?………..Or Vince Fosters death being investigated by the DC PARK AND RECREATION BOARD?

    Rule #1. Never tell the POTUS that you will not be the fall guy for criminal activity.
    Rule #2. Never have an affair with the POTUS’s wife and refuse to back her story on the WHITEWATER INVESTIGATION.
    Rule #3. Never interfere with the CIA drug smuggling activities of Mena Airport and the Governor.(Especially if Col Ollie North is your handler.)…….And George Bush Sr. is his?


    1. brandon adamson

      Can you be more specific? What evidence?

      To quote:

      “White House deputy counsel Vince Foster committed suicide on the night of 20 July 1993 by shooting himself once in the head, a day after he contacted his doctor about his depression. A note in the form of a draft resignation letter was found in the bottom of his briefcase a week after his death. (Note that this letter was not, as is often claimed, a “suicide note.” It was Foster’s outline for a letter of resignation.) Foster cited negative Wall Street Journal editorials about him. He was also upset about the much-criticized role of the counsel’s office in the controversial firing of seven White House travel office workers.

      On 10 October 1997, special prosecutor Kenneth Starr released his report on the investigation into Foster’s death, the third such investigation (after ones conducted by the coroner and Starr’s predecessor, Robert B. Fiske) of the matter. The 114-page summary of a three-year investigation concluded that Foster shot himself with the pistol discovered in his right hand. There was no sign of a struggle, nor any evidence he’d been drugged or intoxicated or that his body had been moved.

      If Foster had been murdered or if unanswered questions about his death remained, Starr would have been the last person to want to conclude the investigation prematurely. Or are we to believe Starr is part of the cover up, too?”


  2. hawthornecht

    “Or are we to believe Starr is part of the cover up, too?” Yes, he was. He was a Bush lackey and the Clintons and Bushes were involved in certain things that could not be looked at (see Mena.)

    Vince survived Arkansas politics so the idea a WSJ editorial made him depressed has always been silly. His involvement in the Waco murders–that might have made him depressed.


  3. roho

    Strictly on Memory:

    Vince Foster:
    1. His personal secretary saw nothing abnormal in his demeaner that day.
    2. Many have said that his relationship with Hillary was intimate.
    3. He ate his normal lunch and M&M’s as usual.
    4. He knew more dirt on the Clinton’s than any single person.
    5. All agencies were held at bay while the Park And Recreation Board did the investigation.(Clean Up.)
    6. Suicide victims do not fold their hands over their chest.
    7. Going all the way back to Little Rock, it was common knowledge of the Clintons decisions to off people who knew too much.

    Ron Brown:
    1. Had made it clear to the Clintons that he would not lie under oath.
    2. Air Force 1 was in perfect condition, used the week before the crash by Hillary.
    3. FAA was never allowed to investigate first AF1 crash. (Only the Air Force.)
    4. Femural incision on female serviving officer was more like a scalpel than jagged aluminum. (Then she died.)
    5. Air Traffic Controller was killed with a 45 ACP shot to the head. (Almost all of European issued handguns were in 9 mm.)………..His briefcase with $100,000 in US dollars was odd.
    6. All planes fly a beacon on final approach. Mobile unit was in area transmitting transponder beacon instead, flying plane into the mountain instead.
    7. Many public photos of Bill Clinton laughing at Ron Brown’s funeral.

    There’s much more, but the nineties are like yesterday for boomers.


    1. brandon adamson

      None of that Vince Foster stuff amounts to evidence. That’s all flimsy innuendo, and even then those are not even verified facts. It requires logical leaps.The reality about Vince Foster’s death is that there were 3 separate investigations, one by Ken Starr, and all of them came to the same conclusion – suicide.

      Vince Foster
      1. If true so what? I’ve had close family members that committed suicide and no one had any idea they were depressed. This was just his secretary.
      2. Who said it?
      3. He ate a normal lunch? So what.
      4. What dirt specifically? Who said that he knew more than any other person? That would be impossible to confirm
      5. Do you have a confirmation link for this? In any case it doesn’t prove anything.
      6. Where is the evidence? I can’t find anything that states that except on biases, unofficial conspiracy blogs. Is there a police report which mentions this? The investigations and reports concluded that his body hadn’t been moved.
      7. That’s not evidence. Common knowledge among whom? What are their names and a link to their testimony? It’s “common knowledge” among many people that we never went to the moon and that 9/11 was an inside job. Without evidence to back it up though, it’s just seen as a nutty belief system.

      Sorry, but that Ron Brown stuff is all innuendo as well. It’s all just garbage that gets circulated in chain letters and blogs.

      1. If true, so what? Doesn’t mean he was killed.
      2. So what? Planes typically fly hundreds or thousands of normal flights before they have an accident, often times flying the day before with no issues.
      3. If true so what? Is the whole air force command in on the conspiracy? I thought the military leaders hated Clinton.
      4. If true so what? Was someone trying to dissect her femur? Seems like an inefficient way to kill someone, just like crashing a plane killing 34 people to kill one or two people.
      5. No evidence to support this claim.
      6. If true,where’s the evidence? It also still doesn’t connect Clinton to any of it. Points toward Bosnian mujahideen saboteurs if anything.
      7. So what? I’ve laughed at funerals before too. It’s a sad event, but you run into a lot of old friends and try to stay in good spirits.

      I remember the 90’s just fine and the 80’s for that matter. It doesn’t mean anything as far as being able to examine claims critically(or uncritically.) Like I said before, these accusations aren’t ready for prime time. They’re newsgroup chain email fodder at best.


  4. hawthornecht

    The question on Vince Foster remains as to where he got the gun (a 1911 POS revolver, if I recall, but whatever, a black market gun), and did he have it (illegally) on White House grounds. His wife said they owned a silver .38 Special, and the idea was that it was the gun that was used–the wife resisted the suicide concept for a bit.

    I don’t understand the appeal to how many investigations there were–this sort of thing is done all the time. Sometimes its a one off, other times, it’s part of something larger we can only speculate about.

    TWA 800 (not quite dead), OKC (still on-going), Waco (dead, chance of rebirth if Clinton is a frontrunner), 9-11 (on-going/28 redacted pages). I submit that none of us know what is being held back, but I do know that these folk inquiries are powerful antidotes for the Remnant, if not the masses.


    1. brandon adamson

      The question of the gun is interesting. Can’t seem to find any info or official report on it on any legit site though. Even the ability to cast doubt on whether his death was a suicide doesn’t tie it to Clinton in any way except possible motive, but that isn’t sufficient

      The number of investigations is more relevant when you’re talking about one guy’s death vs. something like TWA 800 or Waco. Those were complicated events that involved hundreds of people and complicated machinery. I’m inclined to be more persuaded by 3 investigations that concluded Foster’s death was a suicide(which include one by a special prosecutor who had every incentive to show that somehow Clinton was involved) than I am to believe a chain email which contains no concrete sources or documentation of any kind. It’s all circle jerk stuff.

      There is no more evidence for Clinton having Vince Foster murdered than there is for the UVA rape story in Rolling Stone, and I don’t believe either of the stories.


      1. hawthornecht

        Yes, it does tie it to Clinton–whether Foster was murdered or not in the traditional sense is secondary– if he killed himself because of Waco, he did a powerfully responsible pagan act. If he was just another sleazebag from Arkansas politics who “got depressed” that is another story. Who can understand Pat Tillman, our Odysseus without understanding his political positions and the lies used to capitalize on his death? Does it matter if he was murdered in cold blood for his views–as the further out there folk inquiries suggest– or does it matter that his spirit of life was used for cheap propaganda–another sort of murder? I consider it part of the same folk family, where one tolerates the Crazy Uncle because he is family–despite all the frustration.


  5. redphillips Post author

    I don’t maintain that Foster was necessarily murdered. He could have committed suicide. I just don’t think he did so in Ft. Marcy Park. I think his body was moved there. There is a lot of amateur forensic and sleuthing surrounding the case that doesn’t add up. There is enough out there, at the least, to doubt the official story. The least plausible part is the alleged suicide note, which supposedly was torn up (no finger prints) and pieces left in the briefcase, but wasn’t seen on first inspection of the briefcase. Plus, it doesn’t read like a suicide note. It reads as if it is deliberately designed to exonerate the Clintons and blame the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

    Also, there is a lot out there that Starr was psychologically ill-equipped for the task of special prosecutor. He is reportedly very deferential to power. It is not a surprise that his main finding related to Clinton lying under oath. That challenges no big institutional interests.


    1. brandon adamson


      The investigations concluded his body had not been moved. I agree that that it is possible to doubt the official version. The problem with this as well as Kennedy conspiracies, is that the people who promote them latch onto everything, and include all sorts of bogus info that is easily checked to be false. They include made up witness names. It’s clear they don’t do any due diligence.

      I find this quote from Richard Bradley(relating to the UVA story) to be relevant:

      “Some years ago, when I was an editor at George magazine, I was unfortunate enough to work with the writer Stephen Glass on a number of articles. They proved to be fake, filled with fabrications, as was pretty much all of his work. The experience was painful but educational; it forced me to examine how easily I had been duped. Why did I believe those insinuations about Bill Clinton-friend Vernon Jordan being a lech? About the dubious ethics of uber-fundraiser (now Virginia governor) Terry McAuliffe?

      The answer, I had to admit, was because they corroborated my pre-existing biases. I was well on the way to believing that Vernon Jordan was a philanderer, for example—everyone seemed to think so, back in the ’90s, during the Monica Lewinsky time.

      So Stephen wrote what he knew I was inclined to believe. And because I was inclined to believe it, I abandoned my critical judgment. I lowered my guard.

      The lesson I learned: One must be most critical, in the best sense of that word, about what one is already inclined to believe. So when, say, the Duke lacrosse scandal erupted, I applied that lesson. The story was so sensational! Believing it required indulging one’s biases: A southern school…rich white preppy boys…a privileged sports team…lower class African-American women…rape. It read like a Tom Wolfe novel.

      And of course it never happened.”


  6. brandon adamson


    I think we differ on the definition of “tie-in.” There is nothing to suggest Clinton himself was tied to the death. Whether Foster was depressed over his role things he’d done in the administration still doesn’t make Clinton culpable in the death. There is nothing concrete that ties him to the crime.


    1. hawthornecht

      I am not trying a case in a court of law or an election, and rather appealing to the nature of the abyss. You are asking for a level of proof that is totally not necessary in light of the other major crimes (e.g. Executive murder under the guise of policy or law enforcement.)

      Let me give you an example.

      Russell Welch–Arkansas State Police– claimed he was investigating Mena, was stifled, and then received an envelope that gave him weaponized Anthrax (sourced to USG). That is on the Clinton Chronicles, almost a decade before the Anthrax attacks post 9-11. (As a sidenote, what Rightwinger didn’t know about Operation Bojinka well before 9/11? I have a rightwing book from the 90s–one from the guy at Strategic Investments–James Dale Davidson– who did the Foster suicide note/fingerprints deconstruction–that mention it.)

      I use to get these newsletters, via the mailing lists I was on, that were “rightwing” and often discussed the threat of biological warfare. In retrospect, I think this theme was pushed by the PATCON operation– that is still on-going (e.g. Fast and Furious, Waco, OKC.)

      Vince Foster did not commit suicide because he got depressed about a couple bad WSJ editorials–that is absurd.


      1. brandon adamson

        Russell Welch is a perfect example of someone making wild claims with absolutely no proof.
        Welch claimed he was exposed to military grade anthrax,[4] a poison only available at that time through the U.S. government,[citation needed] after he opened a letter which released electrostatically charged floating spores in his face, and that he had his life saved after a prompt diagnosis by a doctor.[who?] Later, he claimed, the doctor’s office was vandalized, and robbed, and that test results and correspondence with the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta were stolen.[5][6]

        Welch further alleged that there was no investigation of this attack, and no concern or sympathy from the state police for his condition.[citation needed] However, he claimed that after leaving the hospital he met with an FBI agent, and that while Welch assumed the meeting was about the anthrax attack, the FBI officer told him he was being investigated for an illegal wiretap.[citation needed] However, Welch said that he was able to show that he was in the hospital[which?] during the time of the alleged wiretapping activity.[7] [/blockquote]

        How convenient. He couldn’t have gotten his doctor to testify that he had been exposed to Anthrax? What was the name of the doctor? Where is the police report for the burglary and vandalism of the doctor’s office? Notice how there are no credible sources corroborating any part of his story. I don’t need enough evidence to try somebody in a court of law. I’m looking for something that can withstand even the flimsiest amount of scrutiny. This doesn’t fit the bill.


  7. hawthornecht


    You missed the point. Where did the idea of getting weaponized Anthrax come from, only to become real in 2001? I respect not looking into the abyss, but I have issues with those who bother to post on such threads that do look into the abyss. Are you posting for your own accommodation?


    1. brandon adamson

      Clearly I have looked further into the abyss on this stuff than you have, since I was able to refute it merely by asking basic questions rather than accepting it uncritically. Since we can conclude Welch was lying about the anthrax incident, it renders everything about it moot. If he had been exposed to anthrax(someone from the hospital would be able to corroborate this even if the government stole the actual records, which there’s no evidence there was a burglary or police report or anything other than just what Welch says.) They don’t just let you go if you are exposed to anthrax. There would have been a major quarantine. Yet, he can’t even find one person to verify this. Not a single one.

      The idea of military grade anthrax had been around for decades, at least since the Soviet bio-weapons accident in 1979.


  8. hawthornecht

    Okay then, Brandon. Where did Welch get the idea to use weaponized Anthrax as his downfall? I could open a line of revisionist history here, but I will resist–your point is solid.

    And there was clearly an intra-Arkansas State Trooper thing going on that pitted troopers against troopers in different factions, who thought they would get Federal jobs. At least they didn’t get the Waco assignment–right?



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