Is Liberal PC Overreach Driving White Men into the GOP?

For those here who criticized my early reporting (pre-website crash) on GamerGate, I’ll have you know that it has since become a huge story covered by the major mainstream media. So rather than commenting on triviality, I was actually out in front of a big story. So there. You can apologize to me in the comments.

One of my thoughts about the matter, which was NOT, despite protests to the contrary, about gamer journalistic ethics but was about PC hysterics attempting to take over and bully an industry, was that the hysteria and absurdness of the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) was so obvious that it was likely to drive away people who might otherwise be basically inclined to agree with them or at least be neutral. No man in his right mind wants to be the object of hate simply for being a man, so there was bound to be some backlash. I highly suspect there are a lot of other people like the writer of this piece. So mull that over SJWs.

5 thoughts on “Is Liberal PC Overreach Driving White Men into the GOP?

  1. Joel P.

    As Vox Day wrote yesterday, the Great Partition has begun. The progressive left have been so openly brazen in their hatred of whites and men over the last several years that even the dullest members of those groups are beginning to take notice and are acting accordingly.

    I said it then and I’ll say it again: You were right to see GamerGate as something significant enough to cover. This thing goes well beyond mere video games.

    Here’s another GamerGate piece you might find interesting:


  2. Joel P.

    By the way, Red, some of the comments following the piece linked in your post are worth checking out as well, if you haven’t already done so. Very insightful. I especially liked these two from “ScewMadd” and “HarisO”:

    ScrewMadd: “If anything, I have learned to stop being so critical of the right. I may not agree with their policies in a lot of cases, but I won’t be taking the wanton smear campaigns against them at face value anymore.

    “The left-leaning media has always tried to paint the right as dangerous, and not to be engaged with. Well, now I will engage. I will listen, even if I disagree. The liars have shown us their tools for spinning and creating narratives, so now we will recognise them in action better.”

    HarisO: “Pretty much the same for me. Before Gamergate, I’d automatically discount anything coming from a website that was even remotely right. That’s how brainwashed I was, but I have no shame in admitting it because Gamergate made me realise that while personally I’ll always stay a “leftie” (high on personal freedoms, accepting some government regulation), the left media is not my friend and they have their own agendas to push.”

    These are life-long left-liberals who are finally beginning to recognize cultural Marxist propaganda tactics for what they are. These crazy anti-GamerGate SJWs might want to watch their step — they’re waking up the leftist herd.


  3. brandon adamson

    Very true, Red. The issue was PC police overreach. Political correctness is so intertwined with almost all aspects of public life and entertainment, the one escape refuge people have is to retreat into a fantasy world of video games etc. Then the SJW’s tried to deny us even that, so the pushback is finally coming.


  4. redphillips Post author

    Sorry it took me a while to answer. I missed this. No I haven’t seen John Wick, although I want to. It is getting great reviews. Plus, I have always thought that Keanu Reeves is an underutilized action star. There have been a lot of recent movie I wanted to see, but it is hard for me to get to the theater. I usually take one of my older boys to see what I want to see, but then the younger kids want to go and see whatever is out for kids at the time, so it ends up costing me a fortune.



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