Ben Carson Praises Candidate for Caving on Abortion

This story is a little old, but it’s news to me. It’s pretty clear that Carson is gearing up for a run for President. This may hurt him with the stalwart pro-life crowd. Wehby is not finessing or nuancing the issue. She’s just plain ol’ caving. The whole “I’m personally pro-life, but politically pro-choice,” is one of the oldest pro-choice lines in the book, frequently used by liberal Catholics. There is nothing new or “savvy” about it at all.

Hat tip: Tom Hoefling

2 thoughts on “Ben Carson Praises Candidate for Caving on Abortion

  1. brandon adamson

    I personally don’t care about abortion one way or the other. All that matters to me are his positions on immigration, trade, and getting us involved in pointless conflicts in ragtag third world countries. I don’t think his position is that much of a copout, really as it’s similar to mine on some issues. For example, I used to go hunting as a kid, but as I got older I just didn’t feel right about killing animals for sport. However, I would not vote to restrict others from this.



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