Is the Old Chris Matthews Back?

I have always liked Chris Matthews despite him rooting for the wrong team. There is something about watching his ADD addled mind that I just enjoy. But I like the old Chris Matthews much more than the new version. He used to come off as a typical old school Democrat who was primarily concerned with the economic wellbeing of the middle class, and less of a PC social issues type. The kind of guy who would work for Tip O’Neill. He’s Catholic and always struck me as respectful to Pat Buchanan. Then with the election of Obama, he took on more of a shrill MSNBC style liberal form. That whole tingle up his leg thing. This video strikes me as more of the old style Matthews. He is absolutely correct in his analysis of Obama. Maybe the MSNBC Kool-Aid he drank is wearing off. Let’s hope so.

Original video found here.

4 thoughts on “Is the Old Chris Matthews Back?

  1. Joel P.

    This is definitely a more sensible Chris Matthews than I’m used to seeing. However, his read on Mitch McConnell is pretty horrible if he thinks that spineless lump of limp-wristedness is going to stand up to Obama and the pro-amnesty crowd on immigration. I’ll believe that when I see it.


  2. roho

    For once only, I agree with Chris Mathews?

    But, I think immigration reform is a done deal with GOP support for cheap labor and canon fodder……………DC knows that ANY vote in the first year will be forgotten when that candidate comes up for re-election six years down the road. Tuesday night’s GOP winners will be instructed to vote for immigration reform with the Dems. (As well as those retiring such as Spencer Bachus R-Al………But, those up for re-election two years from now can’t.)

    GOP leadership will simply say, “Politics is give and take…….Let’s build the Pipeline!”…….With cheap labor.



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