The New York Times on Why the Republicans Won – Hate of Course

You knew it was coming. The keepers of correct opinion just can’t understand how there can be so many wrongthinkers. There can only be one explanation – hate (and its close cousin fear).

When a force that powerful is fueled by anger rather than careful analysis, it produces results that can seem irrational. More than a third of people voting for a Republican House candidate said they were unhappy or even angry at the Republican leaders in Congress, according to exit polls, but they did so anyway, producing a House that is even more right-wing than the current one.

Get that? It couldn’t possibly be careful analysis.

Hat tip: Rob Dreher

2 thoughts on “The New York Times on Why the Republicans Won – Hate of Course

  1. Matt

    It’s dumb, but is it really any worse than when the Republicans lose and the conservatives start crowing about unemployed entitled college students on welfare?


  2. roho

    America is now a senior society of the elderly. The Dems who, in the past have been brilliant, convincing elderly voters that the GOP would destroy SS, got beat at their own game….LOL!

    I have both the good fortune and curse of discussing politics with my 82 year old Father on a regular basis. (He watches about 12 hours of MSM news a day.)……..And has maintained a close relationship with tons of other seniors. Even those that remember, and believe that FDR was the greatest in the world, noticed the details of “OBAMACARE”.
    1. You don’t interfere with an old person and their doctor or preacher!
    2. They live for and keep up with scandals!………All of them.
    3. “Give them pain medication and let them die!”………..Not what the elderly was thinking?
    4. Pelosi said, “Pass it and then you can read it.” (They never heard that before?)
    5. “I’ve bought groceries here for 40 years………Where did these Mexicans come from?”
    6. My grandchild has a degree and can’t find work?

    Others as well, but the Socialist Party forgot that we are a nation of the elderly?

    These elderly remember the COLD WAR vividly, and yet “Buck Wheat” want’s to reignite it?

    You can’t win without the “LUCKY FEW” and “BOOMER” vote.(The others are keeping up with the Kardashians regardless of how many speeches Obama makes at Colleges? They were trying to get laid and trying to pay their school debt Tuesday.)…………..LOL!



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