Walter Williams Attacked by PC Hordes

This story is a month old. I’m not sure how I missed it. But here it is. Syndicated columnist and Professor of Economics Walter Williams asked in a column why homosexuals aren’t charged more by insurance companies, like smokers and obese people are, since they have shorter life spans. Then the mob attacked. There is even a petition to have Williams fired from George Mason University. What Williams response should be: “Kiss my tenured ass PC freaks!”

2 thoughts on “Walter Williams Attacked by PC Hordes

  1. roho

    Ok……Let us cut through the Political BS……..I will use one employer instead of the millions in America. “Ritchie” works for Boeing Aviation in the liberal state of Washington. Ritchie has 13 years seniority, no wife, no kids, but has ass kicking health insurance through his employer!(Rarely needs it?) The problem is that Ritchie and George have been living together as a homosexual couple for 2 years! If they become a UNION in the name of marriage, BOEING has to provide health care coverage for a faggot couple within their Corporation, increasing the liability of it’s 1% Elitist Stockholders, and increasing their insurance overhead against their profits……..LOL!…….Be it the stockholders of Raytheon, Coca Cola, or Pizzia Hut, that is not good. (Although those same stockholders encourage CULTURAL MARXISM?)

    The Solution has never changed as our Founding Fathers Understood. (Now, also circumvented by Cultural Marxism through the Supreme Court.)

    Boeing now moves to the Bible Belt in Mississippi, and Ritchie has the choice of giving up George, or looking for another job? Mississippi wins, Boeing Wins, and even the stockholders win. Cheaper labor costs and a Biblical employee base.

    Why don’t it happen?…….Because Cultural Marxism demands the breakdown of the Christian Family System!……..Stockholders can’t defy the machine.



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