Are People with Tattoos a New Protected PC Class?

Apparently so. Matt Forney received death threats for an article he wrote at Return of Kings on why not to date women with tattoos.

Here is the ROK article discussing the threats. It has 812 comments.

Here is the Forney article that started it all. At this time it has 9023 comments.

ROK is standing by him.

The article does paint with a broad brush, but so do a lot of articles on ROK. They make a lot of general statements about women or feminist or whoever, without a lot of nuance. But that is the nature of ROK.

I don’t get this new sensitivity. No one is allowed to say anything negative except about people who say something negative. If someone doesn’t agree with your lifestyle or choices, just relax. There are a lot of anti-Christian statements on my Facebook feed or within the alt right sphere. I don’t want to kill those people or call them names. I want to argue with them, and hope they see the light and get saved. Don’t like what Forney says? Then make your case otherwise. Don’t threaten to kill him. Good grief. Our modern society needs to take a couple of collective deep breaths.

3 thoughts on “Are People with Tattoos a New Protected PC Class?

  1. roho

    Red……………Am I at CHT?……..Ha-Ha!…..Ha-Ha!…….I may have a unique perspective on this? From age 41 to 50, I mostly dated strippers. (Loved their company and was not looking for a wife.)……I was single and mad. Loved the conversations that I had with those women in their twenties. Dated a lot of younger women as well, that were not strippers. This guy kicked a hornet’s nest, just like if someone in the early seventies said:
    1. Get a haircut…..Sissy!
    2. Shave your side burns!
    3. Why do you wear bell bottoms?
    4. Marijawana leads to heroin use!
    5. Why do you listen to Pink Floyd!

    And the answer is CULTURAL MARXISM………How you stop it is the trick?

    I will never forget looking down at a beautiful young woman, and laughing out loud in the candle light. I knew better, and made it worse when I responded to her “What the F^#k are you laughing at!”, and I said, “IT LOOKS LIKE A DAMN TOOLBOX!!!”……..Oh well.

    For me, not a social society shrink, I believe it is the influence of the Jewish controlled celebrity cult influence? Angelina Jolie, Katy Perry, Milley Cirus, Kesha, Britney Spears, etc, all have tats and body piercings?……….ALL………..But, they will regret it, just as my Mother’s generation pulled all of their eyebrows out in the late 40’s because Hedi Lamar, Rita Hayworth, and other beauty icons did. They said “OH SHIT!” in the seventies when Ali McGraw and other actresses came back with thick eye brows……..LOL!……(Grandma may be hiding the TAT in Church in the 2020’s?)…….As the Generation X say’s, “It’s a thang!”…..Ha-Ha!

    Do I like it?…….NO!…….I like perceived innocence over “I’ve been everywhere and done everything white boy!”……Other reasons:

    1. Tool Boxes can be removed, but TATS are somewhat permanent.
    2. There may come a time when one needs NO IDENTIFIABLE BODY MARKS?
    3. There are some things that Grandma may not want to explain, while quoting scripture?
    Cultural Marxism is real……..But, I didn’t kick the hornet’s nest. He did.

    It’s easier to explain in the future why you and Grandpa were active in the KKK……..LOL!



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