Thoughts on Season 5 of The Walking Dead Premiere

*** Warning: contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.***

Who watches The Walking Dead?

As a Georgian who grew up very near where it is filmed, I have to watch it. Georgians, for the record, are very proud of the show. But I’m sure I would watch it otherwise.

I thought the premiere was quite good, if a little predictable. Reactions from the fan base seem to be largely positive. 9.7 on IMDB. I think the “girl power” contingent is excited by the emergence of Carol as a major bada**. I was surprised that the Terminus situation resolved itself so quickly, and I thought the way they manipulated us with Glenn was a bit cheesy, but all and all it was a very satisfying premiere.

The show works best when the group is on the move rather than camped out on the farm or at the prison, so I think we are being set up for a season on the move.

Reportedly the viewing numbers were huge.


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