Buy Some Films of James Jaeger

Below I posted a video on Cultural Marxism, which I said was a must watch and was curious who was behind it. Thanks to the sleuthing of fellow blogger weavercht, he learned that it is a film by James Jaeger. Since I thought to myself, “This is our kind of guy,” but I didn’t recalled ever hearing of him, I did some internet searching.

First of all, he started Matrixx Productions which makes documentaries. Not all of them are necessarily up our alley, but many are as you can tell by the title list. Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul and Edwin Viera make frequent appearances in his documentaries.

But the guy seems to keep a pretty low profile, I suspect by choice. He has an IMDB entry but it contains no bio. He has a Linked In profile, and he has a Facebook page. I sent him a Facebook friend request, but I suspect he is pretty judicious about who he accepts requests from, because we only have one friend in common. Normally I have a lot of friends in common with people in our “circle.”

Anyway, I suggest buying some of his videos. It looks like a lot of them are available on YouTube, but he deserves some of our money for his efforts.

BTW, one piece of trivia I learned from his IMDB site, Edwin Viera (who I once sat at a table with at a Constitution Party event and bounced some at the time rather amateurish money questions off of) is the brother of Meredith Viera. I had no idea.

2 thoughts on “Buy Some Films of James Jaeger

  1. roho

    The Film was very, very, good………And I admit, we Boomers are not up to speed on a lot of things?…….But, curing the patient and treating it’s symptoms are two different answers? If you have a disease and are dieing, do you wish to be cured, or just treated for your symptoms? (The American Health Care System loves treating symptoms and making the MONEY!)

    This is the cure, and I’ve never posted the same link twice before. (But, PC is a powerful tool.)

    “Why Jew Judges Push Perversion”

    And the History of the Author?

    Turning the other cheek is going to get us killed, and the CRUSADERS knew that.


  2. roho

    With all of today’s PC liberalism of going after cops for shooting people that attack them, I had to stop and ask what has caused this? Up until the 20th Century, everyone expected to be shot if they attacked a police officer………..What changed in the 20th century?…………..Movies.

    Marxist Hollywood has done a great job of convincing our dumbed down society that good guys don’t have to shoot bad guys anymore. Chuck Norris, Steven Seagal, and other actors never have to use their weapon in the movies. The introduction of MMA and the Hong Kong action theatre has also contributed to this. Yet, it was understood in the 1800’s that “GOD may have created all men equal, but colt changed that”.

    I recently discovered foreign film documenteries as well. Wow!…………..Our society no longer reads but watches movies constantly. I recently enjoyed:

    “Jura Lina – The Jewish Hand In Bolshevism” (Full movie Russian.)

    Also “Chekist” is good.



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