Japan Awards “Miss Japan 2015” Title to Half-African

Japan has long been something of an enigma, developing a dominant economy without many basic resources and without flooding itself with foreigners, as tends to happen to every other [mostly European] developed polity in the world. Even South Korea has begun taking in more foreigners.

This unique Japanese national survival within the global capitalist economy has been a miracle and a point of hope for those of us with similar dreams of group survival and a turning back of the megastate trend, to a world of nations and roots.

If Abenomics wasn’t enough cause for concern, Japan has awarded Ariana Miyamoto, who is half-black, the Miss Japan 2015 title (as of March 12, 2015). Miss Miyamoto will represent Japan at this year’s Miss Universe contest, which might be enjoyable to watch if some actual diversity of nations and cultures were preserved and then presented through the contest.

If globalism continues, all of the candidates will come to be identical – and thus boring. Hopefully this isn’t a warning sign that Japan will soon open its immigration flood gates, removing the sakura blossom from the bouquet of nations.

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