Craig Hicks: Militant “Anti-Theist”, Fan of SPLC & Richard Dawkins

The SPLC has been caught red-handed trying to spin Hicks as a right-wing terrorist. Hicks’s FB page reveals him to be anything but.

According to Heavy, Hicks is pro-gay, anti-South, vehemently anti-religion and seemingly atheist, though an “ordained Deistic minister” (and “anti-theist”). And Huffington finds he’s a fan of Richard Dawkins and Thomas Paine. Additionally the CofCC finds Hicks even supports… the SPLC! It doesn’t get more left-wing than that.

Craig Hicks is suspected of killing three Muslim college students in a Chapel Hill, NC, shooting on February 10th. Two of the victims had just married. Hicks is white.

If a Christian or white racialist had murdered these young adults, it would be a hate crime. Let’s see if a militant atheist is judged by the same standard.

3 thoughts on “Craig Hicks: Militant “Anti-Theist”, Fan of SPLC & Richard Dawkins

  1. roho

    Perception is everything………..He looks too much like a White, Southern, Gun Toting, Redneck, to let a good opportunity go to waste.



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