“Barry One” Raising Money to Sue Lena Dunham Over Rape Allegation

Barry, who has become know as Barry One based on the Breitbart article investigating Dunham’s rape claim, is soliciting funds so he can sue Lena Dunham.

Dunham, who admits to using composites, needs to come clean pretty quickly because I don’t think this is going to go away. My hunch is that her description, which seems to fit no one, was one of these composites/fabrications. Whether she intended to implicate this Barry, I don’t know.


8 thoughts on ““Barry One” Raising Money to Sue Lena Dunham Over Rape Allegation

  1. hawthornecht


    How do you explain this story in light of the previous cycle that pointed out the sort of “assaults” on her sister’s private area that she wrote about? I don’t know if those things are true either, but I do know putting it into a book is an awful thing to do.


  2. Christopher

    Such a shame that an innocent individual has to go through this distressing incident. It seems Random House has exonerated “Barry One” and agreed to pay for all his legal bills.

    Of course the good people at RH are deeply sorry about the “confusion” (their words). How quaint.


  3. redphillips Post author

    I thought the attempt by some conservatives to portray that stuff as child molestation was silly. To me, it sounded like fairly typical curious but clueless kid stuff. That said, it is obviously something you should keep your mouth shut about. Dunham seems to have a very poor filter and is a serious exhibitionist. Also, she is so self-absorbed that she doesn’t seem to understand that there is a limit to what the average person, even her fans, want to know about her.

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    1. Joel P.

      “I thought the attempt by some conservatives to portray that stuff as child molestation was silly.”

      I don’t. It doesn’t matter whether it was text-book child molestation or simple childhood curiosity or even something in between. What matters is that if this story had been admitted to by a Republican or conservative, we all know the left wouldn’t bother for even a second to parse the difference. It would be child molestation all the way and yet another occasion for them to demonize anyone to their political right.

      I say if it’s good enough for the goose it’s good enough for the gander.


      1. hawthornecht


        If a Republican or “conservative” wrote a book about such things, I would join in the making fun of. Whether it’s Scooter Libby’s child rape novel or Lynne Cheney’s lesbian book (or Buckley’s thriller sex books) it is just that much more odd and simply twisted when they are cast as rightwingers by the media–that much more of a threat. I barely know who Dunham is, save conservative angst.


      2. Joel P.

        Oh, I wouldn’t like it either. Amongst friends and allies, I have no problem discussing these things in light of the facts and evidence of the case, applying reason and proper context along the way. But as far as my interaction with the left is concerned, I view this kind of thing as an excellent rhetorical device. I see no reason why I should show rhetorical charity to those who would show me none, nor do I have any problem with holding leftist SJWs to their own perverted standards.

        It’s not as if these people can be reasoned with. The only thing they respond to is ridicule and social humiliation.

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  4. Joel P.

    We know the the sister molestation story is true because in trying to defend herself Dunham buckled down and defended her actions as being normal and no big deal rather than retreating to the composite/”unreliable narrator” defense. In her warped, sheltered mind, she didn’t see anything wrong with her behavior and assumed (wrongly) that no one else would either.


  5. Christopher

    Nothing from Lena Dunham so far and it seems the real Barry is not giving up.

    “I don’t know if that will be good enough for my client. Ideally, we were looking for something from Miss Dunham,” Minc said. “We were also looking for an edit to be made to the book, and it’s my understanding that they are going to comply with that — to note that the name ‘Barry’ is a pseudonym. They have given me an indication that that is happening imminently.” http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/publisher-alter-lena-dunham-book-755193



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