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The Grand Conspiracy and the Wisdom of Folklore

News that convicted sex offender and billionaire, Jeffery Epstein, was running an underage sex ring, courting the rich and powerful, is but a small glimpse of the Grand Conspiracy.
What was once dismissed as conspiracy theory, or in Jeffery Epstein’s case, the usual accusation of anti-Semitism, is now a mainstream story. With Bill Clinton’s name turning up in the world of Jeffery Epstein, the story is likely to have legs, but perhaps the twists and turns the story takes in England bare more immediate political attention. In England, renewed calls for a complete investigation into the past 50 years of British Establishment paedophile crimes, are being demanded.

It can be assured that the members of Parliament and the Establishment who engaged in such crimes will also, as if by magic, be associated with efforts to turn over British sovereignty to the European Union. Should the UKIP use its present weight to press an investigation, it could prove to be one hell of a monkeywrench…as well as an assurance that the folklore surrounding the Grand Conspiracy will live on.
Stay tuned…

Disregarded Stars

Jim Webb, a bit of a paleo projection in the 2006 Democrat midterm triumph, has announced he is forming an exploratory committee to run for President.  Webb, from the paleo view, had the identity of a warrior, who was anti-war–something akin to Andrew Bacevich.

Webb is a mixed bag on immigration/visa issues, but generally speaking a patriotic technocrat, rather than a rogue populist politician.  Webb can address the “white male” issue the Democrats have, and will continue to have, making him a potentially potent primary campaigner in the Northeast and West.

Keep an eye on it, Southern Man.

Gen X Crashes Veterans Day in DC

Ethan Epstein, over at the Weakly Standard, had his panties in a bunch over the grouping of Bruce Springsteen, Dave Grohl, and Zac Brown. He can get away with it because of course, Bruce is a Leftie who hates America as all good conservatives agree upon, dontchaknow?

But at 65, or whatever, with a Democrat in office, would Bruce really come up with the idea?
Dave Grohl is a different animal however, and for all anyone knows, the one who suggested they play “Fortunate Son” in Washington DC on Armistice, err—Anyone Ever Who Served in the Military in Any Capacity Day. Grohl was part of the power trio, Nirvana, whose lead singer still haunts a generation. After the death of Kurt Cobain, Grohl formed the quite successful, Foo Fighters. He has been an ambassador for forgotten, if trendsetting acts, like Quiet Riot and Celtic Frost—Frost being a major influence on what would become Black Metal and largely unknown in the United States, accept among Metalheads.  Grohl is gonzo.

Fortunate Son: Springsteen, Grohl, Brown.
Whatever the case, getting a thumbs down from an Epstein over at the Standard, for a song about the reality of poor whites, the draft, and Veitnam, only strengthens the case of the ultimate againstists found in Gen X.

And worth noting, to prove the point about Epstein, Metallica, a thrash Metal outfit out of San Francisco, played one of their anti-war songs, “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” Epstein wants no trouble with such people, clearly.

CFR goes non-interventionist

In many years of posting on rightwing sites of a higher level of understanding, I have reminded that the “Trilats” and CFR crowd are not as hostile to our points of view as might be assumed. If you read the publications of the CFR—which I do from time to time—there are a few nuggets of surprise.

Justin Raimondo notes that the Council on Foreign Relations suggests staying out of the ISIS/Syria mess; let Assad have a free hand, and trust Iran and Russia can restore the status quo. Seems reasonable. Raimondo goes further to point out the limits of American Conservative resident non-interventionist, Daniel Larison’s critique in AmConMag.
Note Larison’s reflex anti-Assad position against Raimondo’s profoundly Rightwing argument for “optimal solution:”

As dark as that may be, Bashar al Assad is the best Syria can do at the moment, and acknowledging that is key to freeing oneself of the liberal guilt Americans are so prone to suffer.

What this might have to do with the 2016 election–this being the CFR–is anyone’s guess, but the hint is pretty obvious.


Within the civil liberties crowds, there was a great misunderstanding of the NSA revelations from Snowden—though NSA snooping dates back to  the 70s and nothing was really learned in terms of scope, if some insights into application, there was a general pretend this is new meme.
As the broader picture of government snooping emerged, I wrote that evidence gathered from such sweeps wouldn’t pass in court so one had to guess the primary use was economic crime. (E.g. who shorted airline stocks prior to 9/11? The FBI says it was one firm, a one off, and the documents were shredded by the SEC.)
News that NSA Chief (and liar) Keith Alexander was day trading on exotic commodities in overseas markets not simply furthers the point, but demonstrates what worthless scoundrels find themselves in high power–Hillary’s cattle future windfall being the simpler method lacking all that snooping.

WMD Truthers

Bill Antle took the necessary time to respond to Con Inc back slapping over a report in the NY Times last week, that US soldiers were denied proper care after being exposed to chemical weapons like mustard gas.

The WMD Truthers—who, unlike 9-11 Truthers—actually got people killed—were celebrating in Con Inc spheres and it spilled into local politics at least in my neck of the woods. And by all means, go make fun of these particular Truthers.  The Big Lie from Con Inc is suggesting that somehow that the NY Times–who ran those ridiculous Judith Miller “Iraq is scay” stories on the frontpage–wasn’t in on the act at the beginning.

Human Events’s author, Dan Gallington, Calls for Genocide

Dan Gallington is employed to write columns for various Conservative Inc outlets (e.g. Washington Times, Human Events.) He is also a member of the sinister Center for Security Policy that features occultist Paul Vallely, and the Delta Force Waco Butcher, General Boykin.

Human Events was recently sold by the Regnery family to various Con Inc investors.
It was rumored they were going to become more “moderate” in Con Inc terms.
On October 14th, Human Events published a column, asking the genocidal question, must we kill them all again? Expecting some irony from the article? None will be found here.
Dan Gallington not quite boldly proclaims:
We simply may have to kill them all

Dan Gallington, Enemy of the Week.