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Libertarianism’s Estranged Saints

Over at Faith and Heritage, Jan Stadler has published an excellent article on the modern libertarian pantheon of saints, which are listed as: Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, Murray Rothbard.

In a previous Stadler article it was highlighted how the Libertarians are similar to Marxists.

And in this article Stadler highlights how modern libertarianism reflects a Jewish perspective, which is important because they viewed themselves as outsiders within their society. Put another way, they espoused a cosmopolitan, non-Christian viewpoint.

Stadler writes:

Libertarian saints such as Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, and their contemporary demigods like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Justin Amash need to be suffocated out. Libertarianism’s takeover of the GOP represents the utter end of Christian America on the Right, as it, not socialism, will have effectively displaced Christianity as the prevailing worldview of the Right to stand against socialism. A more preferable alternative would be to have socialism crush libertarianism and then let socialism implode on its own.

Christianity must now stand as the antithesis to the secular thesis that is socialism and libertarianism. It needs to rediscover that it is not in fact a product of the Enlightenment, but the enemy of Enlightenment antitheism. Secularism is and will continue to carve chasms in people’s souls as they seek higher meaning in a world ruled by hedonism and materialism.

It might be positive to take Stadler’s, and related, ideas and rewrite them for a non-Christian audience, for submission to, say, counter-currents website. The reason this is a good idea is the right exists as an “against-us” alliance. Often we mistake the component factions within this alliance as holding similar goals. They do not. And Stadler’s article, rewritten for counter-currents, would strike a blow against the Nietzschean, eugenitic, and classical liberal ideas there. Counter-currents seems, to me, to hold a mix of ideas, and those non-Christians sharing some of Stadler’s values would perhaps be awakened to the differences among the factions.

Strange Hit Pieces on Paula Deen

After being bashed for exaggerated “racism”, Paula Deen is bullied yet again.

Paula Deen tweeted a comical photo of her family dressed as the cast of I Love Lucy. This included Ricky, a Cuban with a darker complexion. Her son darkened his skin and is now condemned for “wearing blackface”.

The most flagrant bullying I’ve seen is found at Yahoo, which also bashed CofCC’s new president, striving to link him with Republican candidates.

Partly this is bullying. It won’t stop until whites grow tired of having to jump through hoops to demonstrate how unracist they are. Partly this is the Internet and mass society: There’s a tendency to manufacture fictional enemies to bash in service to one’s abstract group or monetary interest. No one seems to mind that Paula Deen or Earl Holt are human. They’re strangers, and bashing strangers is “fun” within mass society and the Internet.

For me, this reinforces my reverence for smaller, more decentralised society where the weak aren’t preyed upon, strangers aren’t randomly bullied.

Russian City Bans Yoga to Stifle Spread of Religious Cults

Russia is always interesting. Many say it is one of the last Christian societies.

Recently the Russian city of Nizhnevartovsk banned yoga classes from city facilities.

While I can’t imagine America or western Europe doing the same, I must agree that Yoga does have religious elements in it. Its origins aren’t even orthodox Hinduism but heterodox Hinduism, which should be less congruous with Christianity.

Similarly Eastern martial arts tend to pass on values, though the values there seem to be largely positive.

In the Culture War, most everything has significance. Post-Christian secular humanism has its cultural products too. (Eg. Feminism, masculinism, modern architecture, tv shows like “Family Guy” which Russia has banned, the language Esperanto, modern “art”.)

A conservative polity should ban or limit alien cultural artifacts like these. It’s wrong to label Russia “Soviet” over such policies. Rather, it is we who have become Soviets.

Men May Compete as Women in Olympics

From a recent Yahoo News article:

Then, in 2012, the IOC made a landmark decision which allows transgender athletes to compete amongst their chosen peers, with some conditions. Both FTM and MTF trans athletes must meet three main requirements: the athlete must have had gender reassignment surgery, the athlete must have legal recognition of his or her assigned gender in his or her home country, and the athlete must have completed at least two years of hormone therapy. This third requirement is mostly for MTF athletes, as two years of hormone therapy are required to erase the natural androgen-driven physical advantage of testosterone.

It sounds like female athletics will eventually be absorbed into the male category. This ruling encourages other polities to legally recognise transgender sex changes as well, so that transgender males may compete as female and win.

Also see: A related news article on “outrage” over other gender testing done by the IOC.

Chipotle Rejects Inhumanely Raised Pork

Chipotle is popular for offering good tasting, moderately fast food that is healthy – and humane. It’s an ideal eatery for the productive American with a conscience.

Recently, after getting word that one of its pork suppliers was mistreating its animals, Chipotle took the higher path and reduced pork sold at its restaurants until the supply could be improved.

I know we’re often told only Marxists have a conscience, only “the Left” could care anything for animals; but I wouldn’t expect a local child who tortures cats to grow up to oppose abortion or become a preacher.

The true Right is moral, and Chipotle deserves praise from our side for walking the higher path. Man is an omnivore, meant to consume the flesh of animals; but there’s no justification for mistreating those animals.