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Chesterton’s America

Amazon has an uncommonly interesting summary of the book Chesterton’s America: A Distributist History of the United States, which is based around Cecil Chesterton’s work but includes excerpts from GK Chesterton and others.

One of those others is Kentuckian Herbert Agar, editor of the famous I’ll Take My Stand and, from the summary,

according to commentator Herbert Shapiro, “[G.K.] Chesterton’s leading American political disciple.”

More from the summary:

G.K. Chesterton called the approach featured here ‘very brilliant and original,’ but also prophesied that ‘it will not be taken sufficiently seriously; because the reader will have to wrench his mind out of a rut…to imagine anybody saying that a small, limited and agricultural America would have been better for everybody—especially Americans.’ ‘Chesterton’s America’—the first ever Distributist History of the United States—is your chance to prove him wrong!

It sounds wonderful.