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Why All the Mayweather Hate?

Yesterday am I awoke to a Facebook feed full of after the fact bellyaching. Mayweather (who is older than Pacquiao BTW) ducted him during his prime. Mayweather is a criminal. Mayweather is a wife beater. Mayweather ran and didn’t engage. Mayweather is a boring fighter. Blah, blah, blah… Yeah, all that and … SCOREBOARD!

I think it is possible that Mayweather ducked him, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he was scared. It’s possible he was just trying to maximize his lifetime earning potential by protecting his undefeated record until near the end of his career. Plus there were all the issues with Showtime and HBO. Both fighters are past their prime, but I suspect the result would have been the same 5 years ago. The morning after the fight is the time to give Mayweather the props he is due. Save the talk about what might have been 5 years ago for a later time when shooting the sh*t at the bar or whatever. Complaining the next day about Mayweather ducking him or being a wife beater or running or whatever, can’t help but come off sounding like sour grapes. It’s the armchair sports pundit equivalent to the polemic obituary. Now is not the time.

The Fight! #MayweatherPacquiao #MayPac

Very few things unite Americans of all classes, races, backgrounds, etc. like a big fight. I don’t say that to be all PC, it is just an observation. I overheard women at work today talking about the fight. Problem is, we don’t have big fights like we used to. We haven’t had a really big fight in a couple of decades. People say boxing has fallen, and it has, but there is still a market for boxing when you have big personalities and compelling match-ups. I love the Klitschko brothers, but we need some good American heavyweights and some stars at the lighter weights, like Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler and Tommy Hearns used to be.

I will always love MMA, but I don’t see boxing and MMA as competitors. I see them as complementary. I believe a thriving fight scene will lift all boats.

Anyway, here is my prediction: Floyd Mayweather will fairly easily out box Pacquiao. Mayweather by a rather lopsided decision.

NASCAR Goes PC Over Indiana Law

This is some pathetic PC caving. Issuing a preemptive statement condemning a perfectly legit law. In fact, this law should be a no brainer.

NASCAR is disappointed by the recent legislation passed in Indiana. We will not embrace nor participate in exclusion or intolerance. We are committed to diversity and inclusion within our sport and therefore will continue to welcome all competitors and fans at our events in the state of Indiana and anywhere else we race.

Hopefully this will tick off NASCAR’s Red State base. If NASCAR IS disappointed with Indiana, hopefully NASCAR’s fans will be disappointed with it for it’s absolutely craven PC behavior.

Bringin’ Back the Old School!

I don’t even like Jon Jones, but I still want a pair of these. They combine the retro old school “Pump” with a futuristic look.

You have to be a certain age to understand the cultural significance that was once attached to “the Pump.” Now that Reebok has an exclusive contract with the UFC, we’re gonna be bringin’ back the old school cool of a once faded brand.

Would it make me a bad Southerner to root for New England?

Would it make me a bad Southerner to root for New England? I realize that since the Revolution and their lapse into Unitarian apostasy, New England has pretty much been the fount of all badness in this Republic, but it’s not like Seattle is any less Godless or liberal at this point, primarily because it is populated by transplanted Yankees. I just don’t get all the Brady hate, and the contrarian in me wants to root for Brady just to spite the haters.

Kimbo Slice is Back!

Kimbo Slice is coming back to MMA. He has reportedly signed with Bellator. I say Kimbo vs. Ortiz at heavyweight puts eyeballs on TV screens. What say you, Scott Coker?


Shhh… don’t tell anyone, but I sometimes post about stuff like this just to tweak the obsessive racialists who don’t think white people should like any sport unless it is lily white or like any black athletes. And those who think we should be 100% serious 100% of the time. Someone on Twitter just scolded me for the Joe Pa post. Should I tweet this one out, or just leave it here?

Joe Pa Gets His Wins Back!

Every now and then, justice is actually served. Joe Pa and Penn State are getting their wins back.

I ranted at the time at the pre-crash site that the NCAA was way out of line when it went after Penn State for what was essentially a law enforcement issue rather than a NCAA issue. The idea that you can “vacate” wins is childish magical thinking. Do their mommies still kiss their boo boos and make them all better also? But the right thing is being done by officially “restoring” Joe Paterno’s wins. Word has it that the NCAA settled because they knew they didn’t have a legal leg to stand on according to their own rules. And props to the PA legislator who had the courage to sue.