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Jon Jones Leaves Rehab After One Day

This is not good news.

Since Jones’ positive test was revealed, the MMA blogosphere has been circulating the supposedly informed rumor that the positive test did not come as a surprise to people who know Jones well and that they are frankly surprised he didn’t pop sooner.

Leaving rehab after one day does not bode well for Jones. His positive test was big news and his immediate response to that news of acknowledging a problem and seeking to get help rather than complaining that the test was wrong or whatever, generated a lot of goof will for him. So after making such a public issue out of checking into rehab, it is a big deal and a PR nightmare that he chose to leave after one day. Since I have some experience in the drug rehab business (not as a patient), I have some speculation about what might have happened here, and none of it is good.

First, he might be jonesing (no pun intended) for a fix. For those unfamiliar with the language, jonesing means intense cravings. It is easy to talk about getting clean and sober, but when faced with the reality of doing that the cravings can become overwhelming. The craving mind always says “I’ll just go get one more hit, then I’ll be ready.” The reality is that one more hit turns into many and there is never a good time to stop until you face serious consequences if you don’t. What AA and NA call “hitting rock bottom.”

Second, a good rehab should be a leveling experience. I’m pretty sure Jones checked into a rehab that is used to dealing with celebrities. Those places know how to deal with the press and the sometimes unique needs of celebrities, but if they are good there is still one set of rules that everyone has to play by. This is for the good of the group milieu, and the good of the patient. The celebrity addict is no better than or different from the lawyer addict or the construction worker addict or the homeless addict when it comes to the workings of the addiction. Celebrity livers get pickled just the same as lawyer livers. Celebrity nasal septums get perforated just like construction worker septums. Some people don’t respond well to the rules, and you can imagine how this might be harder for celebrities who are used to being catered to. “What do you mean I can’t have my cell phone?” “What do you mean I can only get a shower between 7 and 9?” Etc.

Third, he may be overconfident in his ability to stay sober and left because he didn’t feel he needed the program. There is always the possibility that this is true, but if you deal with addicts enough you recognize a pattern. The ones who are the most confident in their ability to stay clean and sober, usually the newbies, are the ones you have the least confidence will be able to do it. It’s a good thing to have a healthy skepticism and fear about your ability to stay sober. The ones who have been through the process a few times are more likely to get this. This is why AA encourages the concept of “one day at a time” instead of confident proclamations that “I’ll never drink again.”

Jones apparently made some comment about wanting to see his brothers play each other in the upcoming playoff game. This sounds like typical addict excuse making. Yes watching your brothers play against each other for a chance to go to the Super Bowl is a big deal, but given the circumstances of his admission, does not warrant aborting his rehab. And he didn’t seem to indicate, from what I have seen, that he planned to go back to rehab afterwards.

The overall picture you get is of a hard headed guy who is going to do things his own way. Jones is not stupid, so he had to know that the pressure to stay, from his family, from the UFC, from his camp, etc. was intense, and that there would be a backlash against him leaving. In this context, leaving after one night is even more rash than it otherwise would be.

Let’s pray for the best here. The last thing we need is another extremely gifted athlete whose career is cut short by addiction.


Charlottesville Police: No Proof of Rape at Fraternity

This is not surprising to anyone who has been following this story, but it’s good that it’s out now.

A few observations/questions:

– UVA President Teresa Sullivan has finally reinstated the frat. First of all, the frat should have never been suspended based on a magazine article. Sullivan should have asked for an investigation and waited for that before making a move. Barring that, she should have reinstated the frat once the story started to fall apart.

– Where is Jackie? Did she return to UVA for this semester. I don’t see how she could.

– As I pointed out before, the frat is not distinguishing itself here. They are acting like a bunch of supplicants. I would like to see some righteous indignation. Here is a portion of their statement issued by the president of the UVA chapter of Phi Kappa Psi:

“We believe that in the midst of this ordeal, there is an opportunity for good. This has prompted us to take a closer look at ourselves and what role organizations like ours may play in ensuring student safety.”

Did the dude put on some panties before he wrote that? Demand an apology from Sullivan. Demand she be fired. Demand Jackie be brought before a student ethics panel. Maybe frats are not the outposts of throwback alpha males that their enemies portray them to be. These jokers seem to be as interested in not upsetting the Narrative as anyone.

Get Well Jon Jones!

As y’all know, I’m not a big fan of Jon Jones, but he is undeniably talented and no one will be well served if his career is derailed by drugs. I hope he gets the help he needs, and comes back clean and better than ever. And kudos to Reebok for sticking by him and not throwing him under the bus.

An Update on the UVA Gang Rape Hoax: Unz vs. Bradley?

Here is Richard Bradley’s latest update on the UVA gang rape that didn’t happen story. Here are some highlights. The author, Sabrina Rubin Erdely, has gone completely silent. The Columbia School of Journalism has been commissioned by Rolling Stone to determine what went wrong with their reporting and fact checking. UVA President Teresa Sullivan has still not apologized to the fraternities she wrongly closed. And who knows what is going on with Jackie these days. Hopefully she is getting the mental help she so desperately needs.

Some people in the RooshV forum questioned the credibility of the article soon after it was released. This is the earliest questioning of the story I have heard of. Bradley has generally been credited as being the first major journalist to question it publicly in writing. Steve Sailer has widely been acknowledged as popularizing the story which was going largely unnoticed at Bradley’s blog until Sailer linked to it. Of interest to us, Ron Unz gloats about Sailer’s role in making this a big story in a post at A comment at Bradley’s blog takes exception to what the author sees as Unz minimizing Bradley’s role and inflating Sailer’s. I think the characterization that Bradley “broke” the story and Sailer popularized it is largely accurate, but I do think that Unz is a bit indelicate in the way he characterizes things. There is no need to diminish Bradley’s role in order to brag about Sailer’s.

The Wussification of American Culture

Check this out from Reason Magazine.

A whopping 68 percent of Americans think there should be a law that prohibits kids 9 and under from playing at the park unsupervised, despite the fact that most of them no doubt grew up doing just that.

What’s more: 43 percent feel the same way about 12-year-olds. They would like to criminalize all pre-teenagers playing outside on their own (and, I guess, arrest their no-good parents)

Some of this may be artifact of the tendency of poll takers to want to answer polls the way they perceive to be correctly, but still. I was running off playing in the woods and playing sports with the neighbor kids from around the 3rd grade IIRC.

Perhaps part of the problem here is with the word park, although the second paragraph says “outside.” People hear park and they automatically think creepy pedophile lurking about for young kids.

The problem these days, as I see it, is kids who don’t want to go outside because they want to stay in and play video games. We struggle with this at the Phillips’ household. We need more unsupervised outdoor play, not less.

Arrest the UVA Frat House Vandals!

Steve Sailer has a post up about the PC creeps who vandalized the Phi Psi frat house at UVA following the release of the Rolling Stone hoax gang rape story. These jokers should be arrested and booted out of school. If a Washington Times reporter can figure this out in a couple of days, then surely the cops can.

That said, this doesn’t really look good for the frat. My thought when this story first broke was that the frat was remaining silent because something might have happened there that night, just not what was reported. Now that we know that nothing happened, why were these frat boys not loudly proclaiming their innocence from the highest rooftop? Also, why didn’t they stay there and protect their property? They should have grabbed baseball bats and ringed the house and dared the PC mob to try something.

And why is the house still empty? Is that part of the University ban on frats? Or a ban on this frat? I would think the University could ban activities but couldn’t keep people from living there, as that is some people’s home. If the house being empty isn’t part of the ban, then that looks bad also. It makes the frat boys look weak and afraid. They should march back into their house proudly and dare anyone to try to stop them.