Conservatives Stab Trump in Back Over Immigration Misunderstanding

Rep. Steve King, Ann Coulter, Rush, others, have condemned Trump’s “softening” on immigration amnesty. But amnesty is not the primary issue. Rep. Steve King, it should be added, also declared (previously) he could work with Hillary. With allies like this…

In so doing, they’ve helped soften Trump’s base of supporters. Voters are not rational, and this perceived flip-flop will harm Trump’s base. It feeds to the CruzCult that Trump is less of a conservative than Cruz, despite how Cruz flipped quite a bit even on immigration.

Trump’s mistake is how, early on, he focused overmuch on the wall and on a deportation force; when we already have a deportation force, and neither are the primary immigration issue.

Also, Trump has confused supporters and critics with his rhetoric, exaggeration. If you look at his website, there is little mention of deportation. This is not new.

What many supporters are failing to understand is illegals would self-deport under a Trump presidency, assuming Congress passes and funds much of his plan.

Each amnesty we’ve had over the years has been followed by another amnesty, then another. This is what must end. Trump must agree to a partial amnesty for those remaining here only after most of the rest of his plan is in place.

Ann Coulter writes:

“First step: Build the wall. Second step: Let ICE do its job. Third step: Stop importing jihadists and welfare recipients. Fourth step: enforce e-verify to protect American jobs. Fifth step: prosecute social security card/ID theft/voting fraud.

“Then, once ALL the borders are secure, the criminals gone, our vote and jobs secure, and the Third World no longer pouring in — we’ll get to what to do with the illegals still here.”

What is Coulter saying? Grant partial amnesty.

With immigration, numbers are key. Legal, illegal, it’s the numbers that matter. If Trump reduces legal immigration while granting amnesty to a few hundred thousand remaining illegals, we have an actual win.

Thanks to Trump, we’re increasingly seeing how many things are driven by money in this society. Hopefully under Trump we see populism win an actual battle for once, do more than merely slow the moneyed interests down.

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