New Bill Would Require Minimum Wage for H-1B Workers

From PoliZette:

Chmielenski said a bill sponsored by Sens. Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions that would set a minimum wage of $110,000 for H-1B workers would remove the financial incentive for companies trying to cut labor costs with foreign workers. Currently, there is a four-tier wage system; a majority of H-1B workers are paid at the lowest “prevailing wage,” which is in the 17th percentile for the industry.

This is genius and would work. Currently the incentive for immigration is largely profit. Our side has focused too much on Marxists, but at least part of the problem is this profit incentive.

I’d like to believe this bill proposal is an improvement upon Ron Unz’s minimum wage idea, which was also very good even if we don’t ideally want a minimum wage. The primary goal is reducing mass immigration, legal and otherwise.

Source: NumbersUSA

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