Trump Can Make Mexico Pay for the Wall

James Kirkpatrick explains at VDARE how Trump really could make Mexico pay for the wall. Trump could threaten to block or tax remittance payments, and if necessary, he could use tax money from them to pay for the wall. More likely Mexico would just pay for it directly.

Kirkpatrick notes the US has already banned remittance payments to Somalia, due to concerns the money could end up with extremists within Somalia.

And he notes that Israel has proposed a law to ban remittance payments by “infiltrators” (Israel’s term for illegal aliens), resulting in harsh punishment:

The bill proposes that the penalty for transferring money abroad by infiltrators will be six months imprisonment or a fine of 29,200 shekels. The penalty for a person who will assist an infiltrator in transferring money aboard will be one year`s imprisonment or a fine of 29,200 shekels, or twice the amount he intended to help the infiltrator take out of Israel.

Kirkpatrick adds:

Note also that Trump’s plan to block remittances isn’t just an end in itself. The Republican frontrunner’s strategy was partially crafted by the great patriot Kris Kobach, who accurately noted the purpose of the plan is to give America an advantage in future negotiations with Mexico [Kobach: I helped write Trump’s border wall plan, by Eliza Collins, Politico, April 11, 2016].

Additionally, Ann Coulter recently noted: “– Building a wall: Cruz was against it, and now is for it.” And how will Cruz pay for the wall?

Trump continues to come up with these brilliant solutions, but he gets too little credit for them. Cruz’s BTT is smart, but it’s a regressive tax. Even Hartman’s original BTT was progressive, included rebates. What else has Cruz proposed that is praiseworthy? He otherwise just follows Trump along.

1 thought on “Trump Can Make Mexico Pay for the Wall

  1. roho

    Mexican illegals love to send money home by way of Western Union or Walmart. (Must have a checking account to send bank wire………..This means coming out of the shadows with too much information.)…………………….Only allow bank wire.)

    As for the delegates in our pathetic democracy, they should be registered with their Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers made available to the public…………………….Otherwise, don’t become a delegate!

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