Cruz Flip-Flop Compilation


Regarding TPP … [Cruz] continued that claims made by Senator Jeff Sessions were “not accurate…this trade agreement, now, at least the current draft…does not impact, change, alter, or effect US immigration law. There is a brief section in the TPP that concerns issues of immigration, but explicitly, the United States doesn’t join that section.” He further pointed to his amendment to prevent trade agreements from impacting immigration that the House agreed to include. Cruz continued, “Beyond that, the notion of giving up sovereignty and an international body that can alter US law, Jeff, I have spent 20 years fighting to defend United States sovereignty. There is no one in the Senate who has been a stronger opponent of international bodies taking away our authority. … And it is simply false that the TPP trade agreement gives up our sovereignty. There is nothing in TPA or TPP that can give a foreign body the ability to make binding law in the United States of America under our Constitution.” Although, he stated that it was natural and understandable people would be suspicious of a secret agreement.


“While Cruz said he supports free trade, he believes the Trans-Pacific Partnership would undermine U.S. immigration laws and the nation’s sovereignty,” reported the Des Moines Register.

“There are a number of Republicans on that (debate) stage who support TPP, who support (the Trade Promotion Authority),” Cruz stated. “I voted against TPA and I intend to vote against TPP.”


Also, Kasich defends corporations.

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