Romney Praises Trump

Flip-flop liberal Romney praised Trump before he attacked him.

Some of us suspect Romney and Beck’s Mormon religion could be behind their vitriol against Trump. Trump is less of a globalist than are most Republican leaders. Am I suggesting Mormons are globalists? No. But perhaps some interpret “American exceptionalism” in a certain way. Religions are frequently interpreted differently by their practitioners.

My personal belief is that America is not exceptional. Rather America is like any other polity in the world. So, the same standards of morality that apply to America apply to every other polity.

It’s ironic how some view Trump as a “fascist” when I would portray the sort of American-corporate-imperialism that Trump is resisting, or at least failing to march in lockstep with, as quite fascist. In my eyes, Trump is, in a sense, anti-fascist, but I don’t like using such shock words.

Trump’s position seems to be that America is a nation-state, and America should exert its interests as does every other nation-state. The imperialists take a more global perspective while Trump is more inclined to focus on America and the well-being of Americans.

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