Fox GOP Debate, Detroit: Ted Can’t Balance Budget Either

Fox is unfairly targeting Trump, because Ted and likely all of the other candidates cannot balance the budget. It’s standard politician to promise the impossible. However, Trump clearly wants to reduce the spending deficit. Personally, I expect Trump would ultimately raise taxes. Trade, immigration, and foreign policy are most important. The US is a mess.

Trump clearly wasn’t ready with a defence of his budget. I thought he did excellent in the previous debate, but he was hit hard on the budget, doing fine otherwise. Ted and Kasich are each targeting a different set of voters. And Trump is made to look bad. Rubio looks terrible at least.

Regarding Snowden, the guy is a hero even if a spy. Ted was made to appear as the most libertarian in that exchange. Trump should aim to be on that side, because a faction of his supporters are noninterventionist. We want America safe, but we also want to be safe from a police state.

One addition, a part of the rejection of Common Core is the government data gathering, which is Orwellian. Oh, and I missed part of the debate when Trump talked on trade. Trade is Donald’s area of expertise, so I expect he did well there. Cruz doesn’t seem to fully understand, or perhaps care about, the dangers of the trade agreements.

1 thought on “Fox GOP Debate, Detroit: Ted Can’t Balance Budget Either

  1. weavercht Post author

    David A. Hartman, Chairman
    The Lone Star Foundation

    That’s the gold standard with regard to trade. I haven’t read it in awhile, but I believe it includes a rebate. I don’t believe Ted’s plan includes a rebate. Flat taxes only work with dramatically reduced spending.



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