Jesse Ventura to Run if Sanders Loses

And Sanders will likely lose. From The Daily Beast:

“I support the revolution of what’s happening here,” Ventura said after telling a local that he worked for most “level-headed” news outlet (RT America). “There’s three things where I stand with Bernie on more so than Trump. Number one is campaign finance reform,” two is “the war,” and three is ending the War on Drugs.
Ventura’s main cause of concern with Trump is his hawkish nature, suggesting that the man who claims he will “bomb the shit out of ISIS” will get the U.S. stuck in more quagmires.

If Trump were to stand to the antiwar side of Sanders by, say, opposing a safe zone in Syria (Sanders has no position currently), I think he could win Ventura’s segment.

Update: From AP:

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura says he’s split between backing Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders and Republican candidate Donald Trump on the other end of the political spectrum.

1 thought on “Jesse Ventura to Run if Sanders Loses

  1. roho

    Ha-Ha!……Ha-Ha!……Ha-Ha!…………….I don’t care?………….I would vote on a brick mason, electrician, machinist, carpenter, baker, welder, millwright, or laborer over today’s PROFFESIONAL POLITICIANS!……….They all suck!!!!!!!!!



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