Statistics: Trump Supporters Aren’t Racists

USA Today author David Mastio is having fun with statistics. He writes that while in a very small New York Times survey (2000 people), 20% of Trump supporters disapprove of Lincoln’s freeing the slaves, similarly shocking results can be pulled from the survey.

1. Clinton and Sanders supporters are twice as racist as Rubio supporters.

2. 15% of American Hispanics believe the Emancipation Proclamation was a bad idea while a quarter of Hispanics are not sure.

3. Only 71% of American blacks approve of Lincoln’s freeing the slaves while 5% disapprove and 24% aren’t sure.

And Mastio pulls additionally shocking figures.

As I argued elsewhere at the time, to troll an annoying pollster, many are going to give extreme answers. This is especially true of Trump supporters due to the alpha culture that has arisen around the tough talking businessman.

As for David Duke’s “endorsement” of Trump, it’s no surprise considering how Trump is strong on immigration and at war with political correctness. Trump has also stated that black Americans would benefit the most from his presidency, would love Trump more than they do Obama after 4 years.

The only way Trump can be defeated in a general election is if the media creates a case using such fabricated “evidence” that Trump is racist, showing its material to voters who might otherwise support Trump.

One of the wonderful things about Trump’s candidacy is it has the potential to unite America, healing the ethnic partisan divide. I believe American citizens share greater political interest with each other than they do with moneyed special interests. Sanders will not defeat Clinton, so the choice will be between Trump and Clinton. Can we unite, or will America be divided-and-conquered?

1 thought on “Statistics: Trump Supporters Aren’t Racists

  1. roho

    The “Network Talking Monkeys” bash Trump, whom had no choice in the David Duke endorsement………And even though Trump disavowed the endorsement, not a word on the fact that the “American Communist Party” endorsed Bernie Sanders?…………LOL!

    It’s obvious that the GOP prefers Hillary over Trump.



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