Stephen Miller: Marco Rubio Wants to End Existence of USA

Stephen Miller, who is on loan to Trump from Senator Sessions, said the following:

If you’re concerned at all about the Constitution, if you’re concerned about the arrival of foreign workers, the idea that you would enmesh the United States permanently in a trans-national union that hands over sovereign U.S. power to foreign countries, dictating labor, environmental, regulation, trade, commercial policy, then clearly the Constitution is not as important to you as you suggest. That was a defining vote…

Mass immigration, open borders, amnesty, TPP [Trans-Pacific Trade partnership] and even more globalist trade deals, and the destruction of U.S. sovereignty.

Understand, everyone listening today: There is a point of no return. It is not far away. It is right in front of you. And if you cross it, there is no going back.

Marco Rubio’s career has been a career of deception for the singular purpose of advancing his own ambition and financial standing and campaign fundraising in order to put him in a position to end forever the existence of the United States as a country with sovereign, protected, secure, defined, certain boundaries.

In Florida, Mr. Rubio killed a bill to block sanctuary cities. How many Floridians today have been wounded or maimed or lost a loved one because Marco Rubio didn’t fight to help the bill to stop sanctuary cities? Who is their voice?

Marco Rubio pushed to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens.

And it continues. The entire thing is well worth reading. TPP is a terrifying proposal.


Recent Trump endorsements

Former Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer:

This may be our last chance to ensure our children grow up in a country with borders, and with a government that protects its own people. This is our chance – Donald Trump is our chance – to save this country and Make America Great Again

Maine Governor Paul LePage:

Here in Maine, we have seen firsthand the burdens imposed by politicians who allow illegal immigrants to take advantage of our hardworking taxpayers. Mr. Trump is the only candidate talking about reducing these burdens and helping Americans first

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie:

There is no one who is better prepared to provide America with the strong leadership that it needs.

US Rep. Chris Collins:

Donald Trump has clearly demonstrated that he has both the guts and the fortitude to return our nation’s jobs stolen by China, take on our enemies like ISIS, Iran, North Korea and Russia, and, most importantly, reestablish the opportunity for our children and grandchildren to attain the American Dream

US Rep. Duncan Hunter (see previous link):

I don’t think Trump wants my endorsement. And that’s one reason why I like him. I’ve liked Trump since the beginning. I think you may have some more Trump supporters in Congress. They just have to come out of the closest, so to speak.

In 2008, Duncan Hunter’s father ran for president, losing to John McCain in the primary. Hunter would have made an excellent president, could have beaten Obama.

National Front (France) Founder Jean-Marie Le Pen:

If I were American, I’d vote Donald Trump… but God bless him!

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