Trump Ties Cruz in Texas Poll

Two noteworthy polls from Real Clear Politics:

TEGNA/SurveyUSA: 32 Cruz, 32 Trump, 17 RubioCthulhu, 6 Kasich, 5 Carson
Emerson: 29 Cruz, 28 Trump, 25 RubioCthulhu, 9 Kasich, 4 Carson

One of Cruz’s primary arguments seems to be that he would appoint good justices. However, Cruz supported Justice Roberts, and Roberts was crucial in upholding Obamacare, twice.

None of Rubio’s supporters are able to name even one accomplishment, even now. And Rubio is running opposite of his own record. Kasich should be the establishment’s pick, not Rubio. Rubio is joke.

Trump is dominating in… most every state other than Texas. The economic downturn should be positive for Trump in Texas. Arkansas could go Cruz; Utah & Minnesota for Rubio. I wish Carson would drop out to endorse Trump.

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