Mr. Donald Trump Is Gonna Save Us All

Howard Dean once said, “I still want to be the candidate for guys with Confederate flags in their pickup trucks.” And then had to apologise.

The Donald doesn’t apologise for seeking our vote. He wants everyone’s vote.

Think of the South what one will, but we do vote like everyone else. We’re still part of America. Trump is the great uniter Howard Dean wished he could be.

1 thought on “Mr. Donald Trump Is Gonna Save Us All

  1. roho

    God Bless Alabama!

    Donald has done the one thing that no candidate has ever been willing to do………..He has explained that doners care not whether you are a republican, democrat, libertarian, or socialist. They simply wish for that candidate to understand that if they give, they owe you.

    That is why the largest GOP PACS have given on an encrimental basis to:

    1. Bush.
    2. Rubio.
    3. Cruz.
    4. Clinton. (Yes, I too was shocked that the GOP would give to Clinton.)

    The bottom line is, Wall Street cares not if they consider themselves whigs or witches? If they give they own them.

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