Trump Shouldn’t Boycott Apple

When you get headlines like the following, it is best to stay low: Snowden says Apple security case is most important issue in a decade.

Many of us who opposed the Iraq War also opposed the Patriot Act. We’re outsiders who don’t trust the Establishment, certainly don’t want to be spied upon. And while it’s important to keep America safe, privacy is also important.

If Apple provides the FBI with an easy way to crack the iPhone, it will likely help the FBI (and any other government agency) to crack any iPhone, creating the potential for abuse. However, the risk is not solely from government. Privacy is hindered by even Apple wielding the ability to easily crack the phone. And hackers would likely have an easy time getting in were a backdoor created.

The problem appears to be that the phone’s backup is also encrypted. So, no one, perhaps not even Apple, can easily crack the encryption. It could be extremely difficult to crack.

Trump’s support base spans a very large segment, so it’s important he not take too many additional controversial stances lest he scare some of us off. Trump needs to focus on his core positions, educate the public on what he stands for, get his message out. It’s time for Phase II of the campaign.

Is privacy a make-or-break issue for me? No way. Is it a make-or-break issue for others? Possibly. And this could also diminish enthusiasm from Trump’s base.

Trump should give Cruz a chance to chase off his quasi-libertarian base by taking his own stance, one way or another. There is no correct position here, electorally speaking. The only way to win on the issue of privacy is to not play the game.

If Cruz comes at Trump here, he’ll use the Fourth Amendment. However, Cruz is more likely to condemn Trump in a vacuous manner without explaining his own position, to ensure Cruz angers neither side.

It is my assertion that a large segment of Trump’s support base stands with Apple here.

3 thoughts on “Trump Shouldn’t Boycott Apple

  1. can't stump the trump

    I just smashed my ipad with a hammer for Trump. I support reauthorization of the Parriot Act. It is the only way to ensure Trump can fight terrorism on a battlefield of his choosing. We should err on the side of security so we can keep winning for freedom. Trump 2016 bitches! Fuck anyone not with us.


  2. redphillips

    Hmmm … can’t stump the trump, Jeff Miller and Nate Jackson sometimes share the same IP address. What are the odds?

    I see that you are attempting to parody Trump supporters, but I’m not sure to what end and why here? This is generally a paleoconservative oriented site and those of us who support Trump have highly sophisticated and nuanced reasons for doing so. If you are attempting to make a point in the other direction, maybe chiding us for not being explicit enough, then I’m not sure why you are doing so here on a relatively friendly site.

    Perhaps you could just come out and say whatever it is you want to say.



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