Remember to Vote “Trump” South Carolina

If Trump wins South Carolina today, he has likely won the nomination. And if Rubio wins, Rubio then has a chance at the nomination.

Cruz especially has been hitting Trump with negative attack ads (lies), which have helped Rubio not Cruz.

A troubling SC poll gives Trump only a 3-point lead over Rubio. I don’t believe Trump has run enough ads in SC explaining his positions. Too much is focused against Trump, too many lies. And Trump needs the endorsement of Senator Sessions.

Perhaps most importantly, Trump should have readily presented the evidence of his past opposition to the Iraq War. I hope additional evidence surfaces, but that is something. Days into the Iraq War, when it was looking like a huge success and overwhelmingly popular, Trump is on record condemning the war. That is more than enough for me.

Additional: As for being lied into war, Raimondo makes the case. If Trump doesn’t want to use it, that’s fine. But I’m tired of Trump being condemned over his backtracking on this. There is a case here, and many conservatives and libertarians did oppose the war. Raimondo of course is one of the libertarians.

3 thoughts on “Remember to Vote “Trump” South Carolina

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  2. redphillips

    I just took a look at your website, Toad. I’m not sure how Christian it is to support someone who is pro-baby killer, but your comment about proving to the world that SC isn’t really that dumb, is exactly the kind of sophistication signaling I mentioned in my post below. Baylor? It figures. So eager to shed its Baptist heritage, that bunch of yahoos, that it lost its soul.



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