Trump’s Popularity Simplified

Trump supporters care about their futures. They want trade deals that put American workers first, not transnational corporations first. They want immigrants who enter legally and contribute to America, not unskilled workers who take more than they contribute. And Trump supporters want a foreign policy that pursues order, not chaos, strives to work with foreign powers, doesn’t needlessly antagonise them. And Trump has demonstrated a better understanding of healthcare and trade than has any other candidate.

Supporters of the other candidates want to be fleeced, view Greece’s crisis as an ideal worth pursuing. Rubio, the “anti-Trump”, is the perfect example of this.

The media believes it to be some great mystery why Trump has such strong support despite his being rough around the edges. Well, the above reasons are why.

Additionally, Trump has the potential to unite all Americans, to break the current ethnic partisan divide. Because once Trump is elected, he’ll fight to pressure wages higher by bringing investment back and sending illegals home.

Everyone has a plantill they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson

Trump clearly wants to make America great. No matter the situation he finds himself in, voters know Trump will fight for us.

14 thoughts on “Trump’s Popularity Simplified

    1. weavercht Post author

      Certainly. He disagrees with the Likud foreign policy, but his own daughter is Orthodox Jewish. And Trump supports moving the capital to Jerusalem. Also, he’s from NYC, has many Jewish friends, even uses Jewish slang.

      Similarly, Sanders is Jewish, and he’s fairly anti-war. I don’t believe any of the candidates dislike Israel. It’s just a disagreement over foreign policy.

      Likud clearly cares for Israel, but that doesn’t mean Likud is right in how one should advocate for Israel.


    1. weavercht Post author

      FWIW, Trump has correctly argued that blacks are hardest hit from this mass immigration. NumbersUSA has also long argued this.

      Anyway, I’m not trying to preach at you. I’ve seen you advocating for Trump elsewhere. Good work 🙂

      NumbersUSA ranks Cruz and Trump highly, and Trump is the guy we’re all backing.


  1. roho

    On the subject of Israel vs Palestinians, Trump has said that he is neutral. (I hope that means Israel and Palestine each get $1.5 Billion a year?)………………………………………………..LOL!


    1. weavercht Post author

      Whatever the solution, I’m sick of the conflict. Israel is strong enough to resolve their problems however they see fit.

      I suppose I shouldn’t talk about my own wishes for the people there. I would like the Palestinians to either be humanely treated where they are or to be resettled somewhere humanely, so they can have a future.



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