Trump Is a Real Conservative

Excellent videos. Trump is a real conservative.

TRUMP: “Well, I think it’s a person that doesn’t want to take risks. I think that’s a good thing. … Person that wants to conserve, a person that wants to in financial sense balance budgets. A person that feels strongly about the military … But I was very much opposed to the war in Iraq. Lot of these guys were all for the war in Iraq look what’s that has got it. Spent $2 trillion, now handing Iraq over, just handing over to Iran. Iran is going to take over Iraq I said that was going to happen. I said that years ago. In 2003 that Iran will take over Iraq was largest oil reserves in the world that’s not a conservative position. When I was saying, don’t go into Iraq I’m a very militaristic person, I’m very much into the military, will build our military better and stronger, that’s the — opposed to what we have now. I was opposed to the war in Iraq. Most conservatives, let’s go gung-ho. Everyone of them wanted the war in Iraq. Look where it got us.”

Source: Breitbart

And Trump’s healthcare proposal:

As you read through chapter 8 of “Time To Get Tough” and you read through chapter 7 of “Crippled America” you will not find Mr. Trump calling for “Single Payer” health care coverage anywhere. In fact, in chapter 7 of “Crippled America” you will find that Mr. Trump specifically disavows his tepid and earlier support for a Single Payer system as one of the options he was considering as a person in the private sector more than 15 years ago.
He also calls for repeal and replace of Obamacare not “expansion of Obamacare” as Senator Cruz falsely states that he does.

Furthermore, in both books he calls for the following private sector reforms. Some of which are also called for under both Senator Cruz’s health care reform policy proposal and Dr. Ben Carson’s proposal. In addition to federal and state reforms. They are:

1.) Repeal of the McCarran Ferguson Act so health insurance can be sold across state lines.
2.) Expansion of Health Savings Accounts to promote price transparency & accountability.
3.) Tort (or Medical Malpractice Reform)
4.) Reform of our health care social safety nets such as Medicaid.
5.) Mr. Trump has most recently added necessary reforms to be made to our broken Veteran’s Administration health care system specifically because it, like all other Single Payer systems is an unmitigated disaster!

“But Steve, Trump said he wants “Universal Healthcare! I heard him say it on CBS!!” Yes, he did. So what does Mr. Trump mean by “universal” healthcare? For that we simply have to look up the definition of the word ‘universal”. According to Miriam Webster’s dictionary the term “universal” means “existing or available for everyone”. That does not mean ‘Single Payer’ nor does it mean ‘government controlled’! It means a health care system where everyone has access to some form of health care delivery. That is what I want. That is what Senator Cruz wants and that’s what nearly every politician on both sides of the isle wants. Affordable access to health care services for everyone.

The link includes more details.

Update: Donald J. Trump First Candidate to Reply to the ‘Sessions Test’

Senator Sessions praises Trump’s answers.

Update 2: Donald Trump responds to Ted Cruz’s accusations. Something tells me he wrote that reply himself too, which is a positive for me. Trump is exceedingly better than I originally expected, in every way.

6 thoughts on “Trump Is a Real Conservative

  1. roho

    ” Creepy Cruz” is most likely not even eligible under the Constitution?

    The “Donald” understands common sense conservatism, such as understanding that during the Clinton Administration, the “Glass Stegall” bill was killed! (This was the bill that was put in place after the “GREAT DEPRESSION” to gaurentee that the banks could never do what they did in 2008 to create another “WORLD BANKING CRISIS”.)…………..But the BANKS ran wild after being freed to do so!………………..Carrier corporation just announced that they were going to move their manufacturing facility from Indeanapolis Indiana to Mexico, with Obama giving them a $Huge Tax Credit to leave the country, as well as some Manufacture moving to CUBA to build tractors for Latin America as well? It is obvious to the informed that Obama has always

    You have to be stupid not to vote for TRUMP unless you have a second home offshore?


  2. Jeff miller

    I’ll be voting in the upcoming primary and I need to know if Donald Trump is strong on national security. Will he keep America safe from terrorism both foreign and domestic? I like the border wall proposal but couldn’t ISIS just blow through it with a bazooka and then steal one of our nukes with the help of a few antiwar lefties and use it to wipe Israel off the map?


    1. weavercht Post author

      I don’t think anyone could steal something like that.

      And likely there would be illegal tunnels under the wall, just as there are today. Nevertheless, the wall would help hinder illegal transport across the border.



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