Zika Outbreak Caused by Genetically Modified Mosquitoes?

The Zika virus is spreading explosively. Zerohedge wonders if that isn’t due to genetically engineered mosquitoes. Oops.

Halting immigration would help thwart some diseases, but I don’t expect the mosquitoes to cross borders through a customs area.

Zika is feared to cause Guillain–Barré syndrome in adults and microcephaly in newborns. Hopefully, both fears prove false. A concern is that vaccines for expecting mothers will be difficult to develop (risk of vaccine causing damage to fetus; need for trials on pregnant women nevertheless).

Zika is obtained by humans from mosquitoes, not from infected humans.

2 thoughts on “Zika Outbreak Caused by Genetically Modified Mosquitoes?

  1. roho

    They might as well be called “Monsanto Mosquitoes”!……………LOL!

    There is a ton of stuff on the internet regarding the meetings of the “Bilderbergs” in Davos, Switzerland and other meetings over the years. Obviously, if you are in the one percentile group, generate your wealth through investments, and recognize that “Useless Eaters” will not be needed after AI and Robotics take over, even the few service jobs, not yet replaced by robotics, will be?………………………Too much population, too few jobs, and a beautiful world of conservancy for the elite? (Ski Resorts, National Parks, World Heritage Sites, and the overall beauty of Planet Earth?)…………..And, yet the gigantic underbelly of the present planet population, has not the wealth and resources to even see these things?………How sad…….But, they have obviously become a drain and negative influence on the “Beautiful People”?

    Controlled Genocide is obviously the answer. (They are better off than to suffer.)……….And the scourge of the “Black Plague” during the Dark Ages was soooooooooo perfect. (One third died.)

    Once going through a Corporate Takeover, a coworker approached me saying, “Ain’t it great that they feel that we are being underpaid, and intend to give us all raises once they control the company?” :)……………..Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?…………….I laughed and said, “You best find you another job if you think that they are buying this company to give you a raise”!

    I suspect that history will call the 21st Century as the “GENOCIDE CENTURY” while the masses wonder why there was no inoculations for them?……..It will not be pretty if you work for wages?


    1. weavercht Post author

      Roho, you make Alaska sound pleasant.

      And yea, no corporate takeover results in higher wages, unless half are fired. Too many workers –> why pay more?

      The Democrats kinda get that, but flooding the US with immigrants is more important to them.



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