JPost’s Israeli View of America’s Presidential Candidates

JPost has an odd compendium of Israel-related commentary on each candidate.

Trump’s intern including bizarre WWII art in a tweet is included as “bad”, as well as Trump’s retweet of someone warning against white genocide. I’m curious why Jews who fear Jewish genocide also fear white Gentiles who fear their own genocide… Isn’t genocide generally a bad thing?

What’s also interesting is how Bernie might be anti-Israel, despite his being Jewish.

To be honest, while I dislike the Likud strategy of creating chaos in the ME, I hadn’t otherwise considered Israel in this election. It’s interesting though how Cruz, Rubio, and Jeb are devoted to Israel.

I don’t myself mind Greater Israel. I simply would want those Muslims and Christians who are removed from their homes by Israel to be humanely resettled elsewhere – but not to Europe. This would not be so difficult as it sounds, because citizenship can be purchased. Resettlement would be cheaper than unending war.

I myself very much want an end to the ME wars however. Perhaps I’m being naive, but I refuse to believe perpetual war between Israel and Muslims is inevitable.

If we ask why the US and Europe must take in so many refugees, why the US is perpetually at war, the answer is always Israel. Oil is partly responsible, but we wouldn’t have gone into Iraq if not for Israel. The Saudis might even come to accept Iran as the dominant regional power if not goaded.

So, I say give the green light to Israel to resettle whom they will and end this mess once and for all. Allow the Iraqis to split into 3 states, allow Kurdistan to break from Turkey, allow Christians to return to some part of the ME, and have all parties get along.

When we look at the many causes of America’s destruction, tiny Israel is always one of the primary factors for our expensive wars and refugee acceptance.

The way this all ends seems to be the US and Europe collapse, Israel expands in the vacuum, Asia then meddles in Israeli affairs, Israel falls to Islam. And everything that was European is then diminished and declining. Surely there’s a way to prevent such an outcome.

7 thoughts on “JPost’s Israeli View of America’s Presidential Candidates

  1. roho

    There are a lot of false illusions regarding the entire Middle East chaos. Much like the Jewis Mafia involvement in organized crime. (But most still see the Italian/Americans when they think of organized crime in the past. The Zionist/Khazars are the very best at kicking the BIG LIE down the road until it is FACTUAL HISTORY. Zionists play the Arabs against each other, just as they played the Church Of England against Rome during the Christian split. Saudi Arabia (Sunni) has Israel as an ally against Iran (Shia) and it’s world…………..And few Christians have ever taken even the time to compare the philosophy of the two different sects, and their position on Jesus?…….Most Christians still think that like the “True Torah Jews”, Zionist actually utilize the Christine Old Testament?………………No…..They have been commited to the “Babalonion Talmud” after 75 years in Babalon captivity.(Which reads like a christian hating diatribe compared to the Koran.) Orthodox Jews perceive Islam as a monotheistic religion but not Christianity, because of the Trinity. (Three parts with a son of God vs only prophets and all prayers to a God Head.) Muslims share their eating rituals as well.

    As for the Political side, be it German, French, American, or whatever, the Zionists OWN politicians. (Except Christian Orthodox Russia which is lily white and loves their President!) Their Bolshevik Revolution did not stick, the Communist eventually kicked them out just as Catherine The Great and Nickolas did. They have cut deals all over the world but can not get Russia and Shia Iran to comply.

    I like Trump…………Because I learned long ago that in Politics you choose 3 IMPORTANT issues and negotiate the others away. (The Deal.)

    1. 2nd Amendment. (Margret Thatcher even said, “Never in the history of the world has a nation escaped tyrany, after losing their arms, without a third party intervening.)

    2. Free Trade was a scam…….Manufacturing has to return to the U.S. before we reach a point of no return where nobody even knows a machinist? (And tariffs are how you fix bad trade deals.)

    3. Immigration………Even legal immigrants hope for limitattions, and a reversal/deportation to ban cheap labor that will benefit all races in the U.S. except GREEDY WALL STREETER’S that consider themselves “Citizens Of The World” with their Multinational Investments”.

    I could go on and on but will not.


  2. roho

    Just watched “THE FIVE” on Fox News, one of my favorite MSM Networks…………..LOL!…….LOL!……….They all received the memo?……..Looked scared, no speak of anything NEGATIVE about “MEGAN THE BITCH” coverage, and nothing positive about Trump?…….Ha-Ha!……Ha-Ha!……I’m a conservative, but if I was in Politics, I would NEVER agree to an interview with O’Reiley, Megan, or crazy ass Sean Hannity………These guys suck!………As bad as Chris Mathews on the left wing side!

    I would only interview with Neal Covuto, Greta Van Sustern, and maybe Jessie Waters?

    They are sooooooooo predudiced as to be disqualified. ………MSM hates that Donald Trump has brought to the attention of America how messed up the MSM actually is!

    POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is going to get us all killed if not abandoned……And TRUMP say’s it…………….The other idiots think that it is just another rule in politics?


    1. weavercht Post author

      Chris Matthews is better than Hannity etc.

      Matthews has treated Trump well, likes Trump’s economic positions. He might be dim, but he is not evil. FOX is evil.

      The Democrats have been the party calling for a larger middle class and critical of war. It’s no wonder that some see the Dems as a good party.

      The Republicans are devoted to the idea of stripping America of its wealth, among other things.

      Anyway, with Trump, hopefully that all changes. But I doubt change is so easy.


    2. Richard Channing

      Lou Dobbs is OK, I believe.

      Why on earth would anybody want to talk to Greta Van Sustren? I’d rather talk to Greg Gutfeld.


      1. weavercht Post author

        Dobbs is great. I dunno Sustren and Gutfeld myself. I never watch tv anymore.

        The only reason I used to watch MSNBC is it had Buchanan on. And despite Buchanan’s radical statements, he is still quoted. He’s become a better expert than most others, so he can’t be totally excluded.


  3. roho

    I loved it when Gutfeld said that the Clinton’s problems were Emails and Females……….LOL!

    I like Lou Dobbs and Gutfeld as well………..Hanity, Megan, Oreily, and Chris Mathews invite guests on to hear themselves talk………In a 20 minute interview, the guest might talk 5 minutes?………………….Johnny Carson was the best interviewer in my lifetime.


  4. roho

    “Rupert Murdoch’s Open Borders Wall Street Journal Warns: ‘Bad Sign’ Trump is following Jeff Session’s lead.”

    Oh yea?……..We really need an Australian Billionaire mouthing off about U.S. politics? (No wonder the employees of FOX news were supporting little “Megan” and peeing on the “Donald’s Leg” while telling him it was raining?………………And ALABAMA is a soverighn State, and we are happy with Jeff Sessions regardless of some foreign piss-ant billionaire that happens to own the only non Jewish MSM network in America!……They had tons of traps laid for the “Donald” in this last debate, bringing in both “Sad Story” Mexicans and “Muslims” to tell the American voter how cruel Mr. Trump is on immigration?……….You want to see cruel?

    “Revealed: How The Five Wealthiest Gulf Nations Have So Far Refused To Take A Single Syrian Refugee.”

    If Muslims will not take in their own refugees, then let them die!……….Maybe somewhere between starvation and death they will discover Christianity? (Oh yea, they said that they loved death over life years ago?)……These 5 wealthiest Arab Nations park a $100,000 car on the side of the road with a flat, and go get another car? (Like allowing a damn cave man to be a billionaire?)

    Let them die!……….Why should White European Christian Women be raped, murdered, beaten, and tortured, by a bunch of 12th Century Barbarians?…….Oh, I forgot about PC?

    And Murdoch’s little PC adventure can be Googled at “Genie Energy In New Jersey”, where he and others are trying to steal the Oil underneath the “Golan Heights” that actually belongs to SYRIA, and not phoney ISRAEL.



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