Donald Trump: Unpatriotic Conservative?

In 2003, David Frum famously condemned real conservatives and libertarians as “unpatriotic” for their failure to support the Iraq War. Today, we know the war has turned out just as the true conservatives warned: Iran has gained influence, and chaos (ISIS) has risen in the absence of strongman Saddam. You could have read such prediction at most any conservative and libertarian publication:, Chronicles, LewRockwell, among others.

Now in 2016, Donald Trump is condemned by a group from National Review who insist on being called Cuckservatives rather than Neoconservatives (a name they themselves created; Irvin Kristol has a book on the movement). They falsely claim to uphold the Goldwater, Reagan tradition; but the only tradition they seem to desire is invade-the-world; invite-the-world.

National Review likely has a lower readership than this blog. The only time I’ve ever in my life read a recent article from their website is in response to some new outrage of theirs.

This is the Age of the Internet; National Review no longer wields power and should be mocked and ignored. With luck, maybe Jeff Bezos will buy and support them.

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