6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump

  1. weavercht

    Her endorsement seems to have been helpful.

    Articles like the following irk me: link. The author writes: “What happens when you combine freer trade, shrinking unions, Wall Street bailouts, growing corporate market power, and the abandonment of campaign finance reform?

    You shift political and economic power to the wealthy, and you shaft the working class.”

    And that is correct, but then he claims Trump has been “racist” in his criticism of illegals and Muslims. If this revolution changes nothing else, I hope it at least changes this culture of “political correctness” which is so incredibly biased against whites.

    If the Democrats want white “working class” (aka whites who have common sense) voters, they should begin treating them the same as they treat nonwhites.


    1. roho


      “Portland Community College To Devote An Entire Month To ‘Whiteness’- Shaming”.

      I’ve never lived in the Great Northwest, so I’m at a loss of understanding on these types of courses?

      I also found this interesting?…….We all know that the middle class was devestated by our jobs going to China, but did you know that China is the most Unionized nation in the world?

      Trade Unions: Wiki.

      When you destroy your middle class, you destroy your tax base.


      1. weavercht

        Roho, with the industry went our research and development as well. But yea, the tax rate doesn’t matter if we lack a tax base to draw from! So, it is bizarre how Republicans obsess over taxes.

        We’re now one step from a third world polity. When the dollar standard falls, America collapses.

        Thankfully the US has plenty of resources, especially food. So, we won’t starve even if we have to live in cramped apartments, share cars (walk to work), and do without heating and cooling. And since clothing is made overseas, that might become pricey here too. I expect the elderly whites will not be given good healthcare. Where would the resources come from?

        Asia’s struggle as it lifts itself up to the first world is startling. It’ll be difficult here as well.


  2. roho

    weaver……………It really is a soft form of Genicide…After the old white people die off, “Common Core” will teach the American youth how close we were to letting the white men destroy this country. Once the Feds control all of the school books it’s over. (Many already think that “Judge Judy” is on the SCOTUS?)


    1. weavercht

      It’s outlandish the sort of things children are taught.

      Y’know, I had someone a few weeks ago look at me in horror when I said I support Trump. I’ve no idea what he associates the guy with. It’s just a bizarro world.

      With the Internet though, ideas are exchanged more easily.


  3. roho

    Never have I thought that WOMEN would say, “IT’s time that a women becomes President regardless of her policies?”

    I’m now convinced that the 19th amendment was a marxist screw Up!!!………We now live in some weird world where white men are the cause of all tragedies to Indians, African Americans, White Women, Black Women, Chipmunks, etc, etc!……………What!…….What!…Do we not realise that:

    1. Africa has more shoreline than any continent yet never had an explorer?
    2. While Europe was inventing instraments for the Symphony, Africa was still inventing drums.
    3. Nobody can be placed in slavery unless they are too stupid to fight their adversaries?
    4 The list goes on and on and I have no time to make African/Americans look like ROME?

    Back to the 19th Amendment?…………..Islam knows that women are inffurior to men……Duh?



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