Ted Cruz Flipped on Trade

Chasing Donald Trump, Ted Cruz has adopted a more populist position on trade. Donald Trump, however, has a very long history of economic nationalism.


With negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the works, fast-track was introduced for reauthorization on April 16, 2015, and set to a late May vote in the Senate.

In anticipation of this vote, Cruz publicly urged Congress to vote in favor of fast-track authority.

“Congress needs to strengthen the country’s bargaining position by establishing trade-promotion authority, also known as TPA, which is an arrangement between Congress and the president for negotiating and considering trade agreements. In short, TPA is what U.S. negotiators need to win a fair deal for the American worker,” Cruz and Ryan said in their Wall Street Journal op-ed.

Cruz and Ryan also pitched the passage as an important step toward helping the domestic workforce. “TPA is what U.S. negotiators need to win a fair deal for the American worker,” they said. “One in five American jobs depends on trade, and that share is only going to grow.”

On May 22, Trade Promotion Authority passed the Senate 62-37 with bipartisan support. Cruz was among the 48 Republicans and 14 Democrats who voted “yes.”

Additionally: Ted Cruz’s wife coauthored a proposal for the CFR to develop “a more ambitious vision of a new [North American] community”. Year: 2005.

Fear Ted Cruz.

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