Trump Vs. Rubio Explained

The worker utopian dream behind Donald Trump:

1. American citizenship should give a person opportunity over those who lack it.
2. Opportunity should exist for the hard-working to build a respectable family life.
3. Rare talent and skill sets should be rewarded, but there is no need for the everyman to suffer in poverty. America is not caught in a Malthusian disaster.
4. Defeat ISIS; leave the rest of the world alone. Keep out potential terrorists.

The capital owner utopian dream behind Marco Rubio:

1. American citizenship should convey no advantage. Global labour should flow freely from one part of the world to every other part, with wages racing downward to subsistence levels throughout the world.
2. Opportunity should exist only for those who own capital, and the high ideal is for the owners of capital to expand their ownership while restricting access to those who lack capital.
3. Rare talent and skill sets should be rewarded, and those who lack such should be content to live among such well-rewarded workers.
4. Invade-the-world; Invite-the-world; Police-the-world; Spy-on-the-world; Control-the-world. (No distinction between what’s American and what isn’t.)

Typically the Rubio dream is upheld with Social Darwinism, but like most ideological arguments that is only a means of justifying an advantage and not reflective of much truth.

Anyway, this divide can be resolved in two ways: Either Rubio faction manages to remove voting rights from American citizens or Trump faction manages to revolt. It’s only “country club Republicans”, as well as the mindless drones who watch FOX News, backing “establishment” Republicans like Rubio.

4 thoughts on “Trump Vs. Rubio Explained

  1. roho

    Weaver?……….Rubio/Ricky Ricardo is NUTS!……..A true GOP Soldier…………He is a well spoken product of the South Florida/New York Jew Establishment!…………LOL!

    More than even Bush, he has prescribed to be the FLORIDA JEW/CUBAN that they have always wanted out of South Florida?…………A very articulate CUBAN!

    He loves WALL STREET and all of his NEW YORK NEW YORK doners.

    This south florida cuban is a joke as the next president!….He will never fight for the middle class……His fight is for CUBAN/AMERICANS and screw the other AMERICANS.



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