Trump Needs Dennis Rodman

The latest attempt at derailing Trump is to label him “racist”. Trump’s strategy has been Alpha Male! Refuse to apologise or seemingly to disown any supporters.

And that is best. Rather than disown anyone, Trump simply needs to embrace every support group. Big Tent strategy.

Trump stands for the best interests of all Americans. Americans vs. Corporations. And we can get rid of socialism if Trump is allowed to improve the middle class. Trump’s platform is entirely built around growing the middle class, bringing investment to the US, improving the opportunities of all Americans.

2 thoughts on “Trump Needs Dennis Rodman

  1. roho


    I had no idea how many celebrities endorsed trump until I made a swing through the internet?

    Lots, but speaking of blacks, just off of the top of my head is Mike Tyson, Terell Prior, and many others?…………………….BRING BACK JOBS TO THE MIDDLE CLASS!…….Seems to be the call from everybody?………….Everybody is tired of BS mouth service!……..TRUMP is real talk for the masses………Can he live through it?…….I don’t know?……..Here is some reality?

    Voting Is For Chumps: Veteran Congressional Staffer , Say’s “Deep State” already controls America.

    Most likely will not post, but you can find if interested?



    1. weavercht Post author

      He has a lot of black friends, but they were friends prior to his run. Some of them have since become angry. Even Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are friendly to him.

      Some poll showed 88% of blacks believe Trump doesn’t care about them. I’d say that’s better than I expected anyway. But the potential is there for Trump to sweep them up to his side.

      Trump seems to pursue friendships with everyone who is successful.

      The irony though is he truly would act in the best interests of black Americans. They’d benefit the most from Trump simply because he’s going to oppose continued mass immigration of unskilled workers. Everyone believes government programs are all and everything for improving the average quality of life. And that is just wrong.



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