Bizarre Trump Bashing

The only way to defeat a Citizenist, once he has his message out, is to paint him as a monster.

And that is the strategy against Trump. It is the only strategy as Washington and Wall Street struggle to throw up firewalls against the Revolution!

Cue the latest: Trump is bashed for remarking how incredible North Korea’s leader is, meaning the dictator is dangerous!

Bush II was a dope. He couldn’t open his mouth without uttering an absurd “Bushism”. Obama can’t make a speech without a teleprompter. However, Trump is unfairly bashed.

Why? Because Trump is a Revolution.

Sanders talks about opposing the Establish; Sanders is a wannabe. Trump walks the walk. That’s the difference, and that is why Trump is hated. The peasants have taken up their pitchforks, and their leader has great hair!

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